ROTI FOR THE SOUL: The Secret of Dreams and Gratitude

Sarjit Kaur | Roti for the Soul | Asia Samachar | 19 Dec 2015 | 


The food court in Bangsar was abuzz with activity. I took a number for my son’s char keow teow order. The aroma of fragrant nyonya chicken curry permeated the air. Familiar smells take you back in time. They call them comfort food for a reason. A lady asked if she could share our table. As we connect, she slowly unveiled her story. She lost her husband in a car accident at the age of 27 and her son was only one. My heart went out to her. There was little support system back then and she struggled to earn a living and raise her son.

It’s December and that time of the year for our goal and aspiration setting. Time to reflect on what went right and what could have been better. I remember writing my wish list back in school. It was a simple one – Smile often, communicate well, study hard and connect with God. Little did I realise the magical powers they emit, for they slowly set the tone and motion in my life for greater things to come.   

Motivational gurus encourage us to write our goals. And write with conviction and passion. Goals must be specific and accompanied by action plan to bring it to fruition. As you reflect on your purpose, you will attract more solutions and circumstances. Some call it ‘The law of attraction’. For example; that job you have been looking for appears in the papers; the much needed cash comes so timely from the Income Tax department; you receive an FB friend request from a long lost classmate and the list goes on. Writing brings clarity and provokes our thoughts. Keeping them in our minds leave them murky and often unattended. 

MUMBAI: Photo by Sarjit Kaur
MUMBAI: Photo by Sarjit Kaur

My boss used to have this monthly table calendar with pictures of various cities of the world, in his home. His children vividly remember those scenes from the time-book that took them through life’s journey. Over the last decade, he has travelled with his family reminiscing the images on that miraculous calendar. All sparked by a sincere wish.

Sounds of cutleries clinking in background became our music. 23 years on … She met a nice chap, got married and her lad is now working. She counsels people in the same predicament. “Mother’s words are pure and sacred. What you say, you will attract in your child. Tell them, how amazing they are, describe their potential and convey how kind, focused and responsible they are. Even, if they are not there yet. Only positive words,” she reminded me before leaving. 

Messengers come into our lives for a reason.

My friend, Rani gives daily gratitude for her physical and spiritual well being. She not only thank God for her current circumstance but her future desired state as well. She asks for blessings of virtuousness in her family and friends. “Gratitude makes it ours. When we express our gratitude, the universe will conspire to send more goodness back. So long as they are intended for the good of all,” her words echoed in my ears. 

We should always compare ourselves with those less fortunate. That way, we complain less and become contented with what we have. The boundaries seem limitless when the contrast is done with those who are seemingly better off (but not necessarily happier). The grass is always greener on the other side, but as difficult to cut. So let’s count our blessings, and make it our daily mantra.

When you have given your best and yet don’t achieve your goals, it sure hurts. However, console yourself that some things are not meant to be. It’s never about the destination, but the journey that keeps us growing. God probably has greater plans for us. Learn to accept and move on. It’s with the benefit of hindsight that we understand why things turn out the way they did. And we go, Ahhh… I know now. Osho advocates reflection of our lives from the current moment to our previous stages, so we look at learning points rather than the other way around and have only regrets.

My sisters, nieces and I participated in a 7 km charity run on Sunday around the FRIM Botanical Garden. It was the first for my sister and I. Something, we have not ventured before. While we were uncertain of our stamina level and preparedness, we managed to complete the race. We discovered in the end, it was all in the mind … 

I reflected on my resolution for 2015. Where do I go from here. I vowed to take the road I have less travelled. After all, life is what you make out of it. In doing so, I hope to challenge my limitations, discover and learn. I know that if I want enough, work hard enough and give gratitude, my goals will slowly take shape. Dreams do come true, if we have the courage to pursue them, as Walt Disney says. Before long, we may soon unveil the secret to realising our dreams, through the very divine channels within us.


Roti for the Soul is a column on life and its quirks. Sarjit Kaur is a wife, mother and an official at the Malaysian stock exchange.


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