650 join Thai-Indian annual sports day


By Sonia Srikureja | Photos by DM Photography

BANGKOK: Some 650 participants took part in the annual Thai-Indian Sports Day held recently in Bangkok.

Organised by the Indian Association of Thailand and Indian Communities in Thailand in 18 Jan 2015, the event aims to bring the entire fellow Indian communities closer and strengthen their bonds in a fun-filled manner.

It was a full day event with over 650 participants in various sports activities including football, volleyball, chairball, atheletics, table tennis, tug of war and children’s games.

Also present at the event was Harsh Vardhan Shringla, the Indian ambassador to Thailand, who assumed his office in January 2014.

Thai-Indian Sports Day. Indian ambassador to Thailand were among the guests. - Photo by DM PHOTOGRAPHY
Thai-Indian Sports Day. Indian ambassador to Thailand were among the guests. – Photo by DM PHOTOGRAPHY

Here, we got some of the organisers and participants to share their experiences:

“I feel proud to be part of a (organizing) team that brought Indians in Thailand through sports.” – Nikorn Sachdev. (01)

“I especially enjoyed this particular sports day because I surprised myself by taking part in the relay. I am not a runner and don’t think this would have ever happened if it weren’t for my team leaders as they were awesomely supportive, encouraging and fair! We didn’t win the tournament but we definitely won the game of team spirit. Cheers Team Blue!!” – Prerna Singhpathom (02)

“This is my third time participating in the Thai Indian Sports day. It was a fabulous event for all Indian sports enthusiasts and also a gathering where families spend quality time together playing sports. My son and I played volleyball and during our breaks, together we enjoyed watching all other sports be it football,  the run or chairball. For us the highlight was watching Adarsh Narang winning the 3,200 meters run by almost a lap . My family and I will definitely participate in future events organized by our Indian community ” – Anand Sachthep (03, left)

Thai-Indian Sports Day 2015. - Photos by DM PHOTOGRAPHY
Thai-Indian Sports Day 2015. – Photos by DM PHOTOGRAPHY

“Sports day to us was a fun-filled community event that was both friendly and competitive. It was a great opportunity to meet and bond with members of different communities.” –  Raveena and Ruksana Narang (04)

“I got a chance to participate in chairball and was asked to run a race on the spot. Although it was a tiring day, I had a good time.” – Poornima Sachdev (05, right).

Thai-Indian Sports Day...Team Orange - Photo by DM PHOTOGRAPHY
Thai-Indian Sports Day…Team Orange – Photo by DM PHOTOGRAPHY

“Sports day was such a good day and I enjoyed every activity I did, especially the runs! However, the best part was when my 52 year old dad ran insanely well and won the relay. Priceless moment right there.”– Prabneet Doowa (above, right most) ASIA SAMACHAR (24 Jan 2015)

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  1. Great event for the Thai Indian society. Great turnout for participants. Let’s not forget the effort put in by the organizers and volunteers who put months of effort to make this happen. Looking forward to the next one.

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