Giani Rann & local granthis

The passing on of Giani Rann Singh captured by Asia Samachar
The passing on of Giani Rann Singh captured by Asia Samachar

Malacca Granthi Rann Singh was the last of a generation of local granthis, according to an Asia Samachar article that will released on Monday (Jan 26, 2015). Aside from Giani Rann Singh, who passed on Jan 22, the author mentions the names of 14 of his peers.

“They made a living out of being granthis and raised upright families, but they were not in it for the money. They were dedicated, upright, disciplined and respected,” says the author.

Asia Samachar is looking for photos of the luminaries mentioned below. If you have them, we would appreciate if you could scan a copy and email it to us (




1. Granthi Rann Singh

2. Giani Mahinder Singh Chakarvarti

3. Giani Darbara Singh Daler

4. Giani Najjar Singh Kavisher (Malim Nawar)

5. Giani Jaswant Singh Pohup (Kuala Kangsar)

6. Giani Gurdial Singh (Ipoh)

7. Giani Sohan Singh (Telok Anson)

8. Giani Gurcharan Singh Bhaur (Ipoh Police Gurdwara)

9. Giani Mahinder Singh Missionary (Tg Malim)

10. Giani Bachittar Singh (Tatt Khalsa)

11. Giani Mahinder Singh (Titiwangsa)

12. Giani Babu Singh Missionary (Main Doab)

13. Giani Sohan Singh (Malacca)

14. Giani Shaam Singh (High Street)

15. Giani Gurdit Singh Ghali (Johor Bahru)

The list above is not exhaustive, as the author himself admits. Keep a lookout for the article. – ASIA SAMACHAR (25 Jan, 2015)


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