Venturing out in Nepal still difficult, says UK search and rescue member

Kathmandu, Nepal | Asia Samachar | 4 May 2015


Asia Samachar talks to Aghia Pal Singh from the UK Search and Rescue team in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Asia Samachar talks to Aghia Pal Singh from the UK Search and Rescue team in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The UK search and rescue team is one of the many international relief agencies that have landed in Kathmandu, Nepal, to provide humanitarian relief and aid to victims of the devastating earthquake that struck the mountainous nation on April 29.

Asia Samachar spoke to Aghia Pal Singh from the UK outfit. In this interview, he speaks in Punjabi.

“We’ve been here seven or eight days now. It’s difficult to venture out because many roads have been destroyed. After two days, we ventured into the mountainous areas with private helicopters.

“In one place, the local population told us that we were the first people to reach out to them after the earthquake. That’s seven days after the incident,” he says.

Some villages are facing water shortage as their usual water source had been destroyed by the earthquake. They are also in dire need of medical assistance, he added.

In one incident, they flew a 4-year old girl with a broken leg to get medical attention.

They have set up their camp inside the British Embassy compound.


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