Old boys club control gurdwaras – KIRAN KAUR GILL

Ipoh, Malaysia  | Asia Samachar |15 May 2015


Asia Samachar reader Kiran Kaur Gill shares her comments on the Church of Praise issue
Asia Samachar reader Kiran Kaur Gill shares her comments on the Church of Praise issue


“Gurdwaras are mostly managed by old boys club who year after year do not change the ways of running the place and in control by family members and their respective wives,” writes Kiran Kaur Gill in response to the Asia Samachar story entitled ‘Ipoh Sikhs raise alarm on Punjabi Christian event‘.

She was commenting on the response of Sikhs in Ipoh, Perak, who had raised an alarm on alleged intensified moves by Punjabi Christians in luring Sikhs, especially from poorer neighbourhoods, to a Christian worship programme.

In response to the event, a Sikh youth organisation had sent a group of observers to the programme held at the Church of Praise at Perindustrian Ringan Sri Rapat, Ipoh.

In her response at the Asia Samachar Facebook page, Kiran wrote: “I personally am a member of my gurdwara in my hometown and do attend AGM. However after a couple of years of trying to voice out suggestions and ideas on how to improve the running the gurdwara, which has only fallen on deaf ears, l decided to give up and only waiting for the gurdwara financial situation to be in dire straits.

“Another thing is most Punjabi Sikhs who are not fluent in Punjabi do not understand what the Giani [granthi] saying as he reads the Guru Granth Sahib and no translation is provided neither it is relatable to daily life. This is where religion like Christianity has the upper hand as they explains in English language and relate the teachings to daily life which the people can understand with ease.

“However one always must take the initiative and effort to learn Sikhism which is a beautiful religion . I am proud to be one.”


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  1. With regards to the sudden appearance of Christian Punjabis [EDITED] in Malaysia we have no one else to blame but ourselves. As Sikhs we have a proud heritage both religiously as well as culturally. Our religion has also been honored at the heart of Catholic dogma, the Vatican.
    But what have we done.. Our gurdwaras are centres for political milage, cronyism & in-fighting. Our Granthis & Gianis read our Guru Granth Sahib rather than teach.. And when they teach they become aggressive & argumentative about the rights & wrongs of our community. Our Gurujis never raised their voices to their congregation when teaching them between right and wrong.. They loved us and taught us our Religion as a teacher teaching His students whosoever we were or how we behaved.. With love and compassion.
    Do not blame people for leaving their religion, instead find out why they left…
    Have a proactive debate with the sanggat at the darbar Sahib of the gurdwara. Listen to all voices on concerns whether from the young or old. Start singing the Bani rather thn reading from memory.
    I started appreciating the true meaning of Salok Mahala 9 when I heard a Gianiji singing the whole Salok as a hymn rather than hearing someone rattle through it without emotion.
    Go back to how it was rather than modernising things so that the Path can finish on time.
    Remember the whole Gurbani is a Bani. We have one of THE most beautiful religions in the world that is being EMBRACED by westerners more than the TRUE disciples themselves. It’s time we were TAUGHT what is rightfully our HERITAGE & our RELIGION

  2. I agree with what this child has commented and add to it that the leaders off the community are them self are not united they can’t c each other eye to eye and like to point fingers at each other.

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