KL startup bootcamp postponed

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia| 9 July 2015 | Asia Samachar |


A Startup Bootcamp for Sikhs planned towards the end of the month in Kuala Lumpur has been postponed as the key facilitator has to undergo an eye surgery.

Singapore-based serial entrepreneur Ash Singh had just returned to home base after running bootcamps in Toronto, Canada, and Sydney, Australia.

“I’m seeing the doctor again on Monday,” Ash told Asia Samachar in a short telephone conversation late this evening which was punctured by kids voices. “I’m on kids duty.”

Judging from the loud noises, he was losing the battle on that front. But Ash is no stranger to getting down and dirty to train aspiring entrepreneurs, having conduced numerous bootcamps based on the material taught at graduate business school INSEAD.

The latest was over the weekend in Sydney, Australia, organised by the Sikh Youth Australia (SYA).

“It will be good to know how many people are interested in the camp,” he said.

Ash and Datawind Inc founder Suneet Singh Tuli, another astonishing entrepreneur, were earlier schedule to participate in the Kuala Lumpur Startup Bootcamp, a first of its kind in Malaysia specially tailored for the Sikh community.

“Tentatively we are looking at September or October this year. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused,” said chief organiser Autar Singh.

The three-day bootcamp, initially planned for July 31 to Aug 2, is part of the Entrepreneurship Weekend organised by the Coalition of Malaysian Sikh Organisations (CMSO).

Those interested can contact Autar, who is also the CMSO secretary general (autarsinghsj@yahoo.com) or send an email to Asia Samachar (editor@asiasamachar.com).

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  1. Prof Autar ji

    I congratulte you and your team on getting this bootcamp going. Most training programs are “Touch and Go”. I have conducted some such camps that look very good and promising during the 2 or 3 days but after that there is no measurable result. What i did wrong was i did not plan a follow up and mentoring program to see the action plan through.

    I feel we need to have a concrete follow up plan post workshop to see some seeds planted by our guest speakers germinate and grow into viable business. If we do not plan a follow up program i feel we would not see any results.

    I understnd the government has some schemes to grow young business men. We could tap into these to benefit our young business men.

    We could also speak to our moneylender friends to give some micro finance at 0 interest or very low interest. Gurdwaras could provide some funds. SNSM could provide office space and secreterial services for the early part of the business by acting as an incubator for the first year. The SNSM office is underutilised at the moment and is located right in town.

    We could also invite local businessmen to be trained during the bootcamp to become mentors to the bootcamp graduates. Their job will be to monitor and provide follow up supportl

    Keep up the good work. Remember for this to work it has to have a follow up plan post bootcamp.

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