Klang gurdwara AGM rejects lohree bonfire

Klang, Malaysia | 17 Aug 2015 | Asia Samachar |


The bonfire for the Lohree celebration will not be making a comeback any time soon at the gurdwara in Klang, Selangor.

An attempt by some Gurdwara Sahib Klang members to bring back the bonfire ritual for the Lohree celebration was thrown out by a majoroity vote at its annual general meeting (AGM) yesterday.

In a show of hands, the majority agreed with a decision made some by the gurdwara committee some three years ago to stop the practice of celebrating the Lohree with a bonfire and other rituals in the gurdwara compound.

“That was the main issue at the AGM,” one gurdwara member, who attended the meeting, told Asia Samachar.

Lohree is a Hindu festival dedicated to the sun god and god of fire. Some Sikhs use it to celebrate the birth of a son, a practice seen as going against the Sikh teachings.

When contacted, newly appointed GS Klang committee president Lt-Col (Rt) Sirender Singh confirmed that the lohree topic dominated the meeting.

Aside from it, he said the other issues raised were related to the gurdwara’s by-laws and the plans to build a new four-storey complex in its existing car park.

“As requested, we have agreed to comb through the by-laws to get them into proper shape. The current ones date back to the 1960s. There was also a request to introduce secret voting to replace the present show-of-hands,” he told Asia Samachar.

Sirender said the newly elected team for the 2015-2017 term will also be pressing ahead with plans to build the new 4-storey complex. “That would be another major task moving forward,” he said.

Sirender takes over from Jalar Singh who was president for the two-year term between 2013-2015.

Earlier, businessman Jagdev Singh was the gurdwara committee president for two consecutive two-year terms, between 2009-2013, the maximum allowed by the gurdwara’s constitution.



President: Lt-Col (R) Sirender Singh

Vice President: Jasbir Singh

Secretary: Ikhbal Singh

Treasurer: Gurdeep Singh Baidwan

Ast Secretary: Tharamraj Singh

Ast Treasurer: Jaswant Singh Thunda

Committee members: Harminder Singh, Jagjit Singh, Amarjeet Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Gurdip Singh Mussa, Harbhajan Singh, Jalar Singh


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  1. I agree with Fauji gabroo that the committee of Gsk have celebrated
    western cultures n rejected our own Punjabi/Sikh culture Lohree. If they are so pious n religious why are they all not amritarees, most of the GSK committee members are heavy drinkers. Change yourself first b/4 you change others. What a shame n bad example to the sangat of GSK klang. Recently I came to know that one of the high ranking committee members swore at a another member who voted against them. What kind of a committee are we having n is this the type of example they want to show to the sangat of klang n surrounding areas. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

  2. The issue of Lohree being celebrated in the compounds of GS Klang with bonfire was rejected by majority of members present but not Lohree by itself. A jodhmela to commemorate this festival was agreed to by all. The 5 creations of GOD, ie Earth, Water, Wind, Fire & Sun are all His Almighty’s creations. Without one of these, the mankind will NOT survive. Also, FIRE is used to prepare GURU KA LANGGAR in all GURDWARA. No magic is used.
    Lighting a bonfire on Lohree day which generally falls on 13th/14th of January each year in India is to get warmness from the cold winter chills. The throwing of rewari, til & peanuts into the bonfire is to thank God for the bountiful harvest to come. It also signifies the end of peak winter & to welcome spring. It also marks the last day of the month of Poh & the beginning of the month of Magh in the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar.
    For newly married couples & for families blessed with a child (usually a male baby but not limited to anymore), this festival is celebrated with much ethusiasm & festivities & also brings lots of joy in their lives.
    The notation that fire is worshipped & rituals performed around the bonfire is nonsensical.
    The interpretation of this festival differs from person to person, region to region & place to place. Even renowned Sikh scholars have not stopped Sikhs from celebrating this cultural festival, widely celebrated in northern India, including PUNJAB, where our ancestors hail. The older generation knows the significance of this festival but are somehow subdued by the younger generation’s non- acceptance of the facts due to ignorance & ill informed.
    The MC of GS Klang are not Sikh scholars or our living gurus to deprive us of our rights to celebrate this ancient old festival. They, over the years have allowed western cultured festivals like mother’s day, father’s day & teacher’s day to be celebrated in the gurdwara premises & even organised on a very grand scale few years ago New Year Eve celebrations with western music & dance in the gurdwara’s compound. And now, suddenly they have became so pious & talking about Sikh religion’s do & don’t to us, the very sangat of Klang.
    What a shame…!!

  3. Well done,Sr .Sriender Singh JI.LOHRRI has no place in Sikhi.It is pre Aryan pagan festival,that found it’s way into Hinduism.

    However,may be it is an oversight.the absence of Sikh females is very noticeable.I hope you and your far sighted committee will dress this and include females equally into Gurduara management.

    Again,well done,I hope others get he message that the hinducitation of Sikh fish is stopped.

  4. Gurfateh.

    WELL DONE. The faster SIKHS move away and discard such worthless rituals from our lives and embrace the true menaing of Gurbani and SGGS teachings, the better for us.
    I believe the presence of the distinguished Scholar Gyani Jaswant Singh Morjand at Klang has contributed a lot to this wise decision by the Klang Sangat. Hope other Gurdwaras will follow suit.

    Jarnail Singh Arshi selayang

  5. Bravo! Hats off to Gurdwara Sahib Klang for setting such awesome example. I think all other gurdwaras should consider the same as well. Come on, Sikhs, it’s time to wake up now. Change with the time….we are not Hindus!!

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