Fish curry takes Jasbir to MasterChef Asia

| Jasbir Kaur | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 21 Aug 2015 Asia Samachar |
JASBIR MEETS JASBIR: Jasbir Kaur from Asia Samachar (right) meet Jasbir Kaur from MasterChef.
JASBIR MEETS JASBIR: Jasbir Kaur from Asia Samachar (right) meet Jasbir Kaur from MasterChef.

The fish curry did the trick for Jasbir Kaur. The mother of three fussy eaters from Sarawak, East Malaysia, charted her way into the MasterChef Asia competition on the strength her curry.

She made it using her own special homemade blended spices. This accorded her a nickname, the Spice Queen in the Masterchef Asia kitchen.

At 54, Jasbir is the most senior contestant, age-wise, at MasterChef Asia, the first Asian edition of the MasterChef.

The competition has opened its kitchen door for home cooks from across Asia. Fifteen contestants will be battling it out for the MasterChef Asia title.

Jasbir began her love for cooking when she moved to Sarawak after marriage. She cooks an array of dishes: like Italian, Indian, Chinese, Malay and Punjabi cuisines.

What drove her to such an exhaustive list? “I have three fussy eaters,” she told Asia Samachar when met in Kuala Lumpur. This pushed her to come up with a varied menu each time she prepared a meal for her family.

She also does home catering by supplying food for small parties.

Jasbir credits her husband and daughter in convincing her to take part in the competition. They even helped produce her audition video.

When asked who truly inspired her to cook, she relates a story of her father who never once complained of her irregular shaped rotis in her teen years.

Jasbir hopes to impart the skills of traditional Punjabi cooking to the younger generations and to get professional accreditation to her cooking skill. She also plans to publish her own cookbook which would focus on making easy Punjabi food.

She strongly believes MasterChef has paved the way for her to achieve her dream of publishing the book.

“In the weeks spent in the Masterchef kitchen, not only has it helped evolve my cooking style, but it has also helped boost my confidence,” she says.

Catch Jasbir and two other Malaysian contestants, Marcus Low, 24, and Sophia Zulkifli 30, take center stage in the inaugural Asian edition Masterchef over at Astro channel 709. It is premiering on Sept 3, Thursday at 9pm.

Jasbir Kaur, the author of this article, is also a mother of three trying to survive motherhood. For a glimpse of episodes 1 to 4, head over to A Cuppa for my Thoughts for more pictures.



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