Sarina sues Singapore GH for negligence after losing limbs

| Today | Singapore | 6 Nov 2015 | Asia Samachar |
Ms Sarina Kaur poses for a photo after a press conference at her home on Nov 6, 2015. Photo: Jason Quah/TODAY
Ms Sarina Kaur poses for a photo after a press conference at her home on Nov 6, 2015. Photo: Jason Quah/TODAY

A 51-year old Sikh lady is suing the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and two of its doctors for negligence which she alleged had caused her to lose her hands and lower legs.

Sarina Kaur is alleging that in 2012, the doctor proceeded with an elective procedure without properly informing her of test results which showed she had an infection. The infection eventually led to complications and gangrene in all four of her limbs, reports Today (6 November 2015).

The report goes on:

Ms Kaur had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis by SGH about 25 years ago. She was also found to have vesico-ureteric reflux in 2008. This caused her urine to flow back from the bladder to her kidney. She also had recurrent urinary tract infection.

When she was referred to SGH’s Dr Ng Lay Guat in 2012, Dr Ng recommended a deflux procedure. But pre-admission tests showed that Ms Kaur’s urine had multi-resistant Escherichia Coli bacteria. Ms Kaur alleges that Dr Ng did not inform her of the infection and proceeded with the surgery. On the same night after the procedure, Ms Kaur developed a fever and became hypotensive.

The next morning, during ward rounds, Dr Ng and her team did an ultrasound scan and found Ms Kaur’s right kidney was swollen but did not take steps to drain the infected urine until the next night, Ms Kaur alleges.

Over the next several days, her condition worsened and she developed “multiple and critical conditions” including respiratory distress syndrome, sever septic shock and gangrene in all four limbs.

As a result, all her limbs had to be amputated. Ms Kaur is seeking over S$8 million from the hospital to cover future medical expenses as well as the cost of prostheses.

The lawsuit adds to the woes of SGH, which has been under the spotlight for the hepatitis C outbreak.


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