Let us engage, not boycott – SANTOKH (Kampar)

| Opinion Santokh Singh Rendhawa | Malaysia | 20 Nov 2015 | Asia Samachar |


It is heartening to hear, see and note the Sikh Diaspora throughout the world coming together in wake of recent happenings in Punjab.The desecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is unforgivable and touches the very soul of the community. The coming together of the Sikhs to condemn the sacrilege and unite in the our of need is very touching.

It would be so heart warming if, we, the Sikhs could show such cooperation in ordinary times. We are rightfully sad and angry when we heard the ‘beadbi’ of the sacred pages of our beloved Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. If only we  could show half the enthusiasm on what is written on those pages, I am sure our community would  further unite and would be nearer to Waheguru Ji.

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The second hot issue seems to be the visit of the Indian Prime Minister. First and foremost, its Government to Government affair. As citizens, we are Malaysians first. To boycott would also mean not showing support to our Government. Let us build bridges, not barricades. Let us engage, not boycott. [Even Palestinians engage Isreal].

Lets think twice before making any rash move in the name of Panth.

Lastly, this is my own personal view and not of any organisation. I may be wrong.


Santokh S Randhawa

[Santokh Singh Randhawa is the president of the Khalsa Diwan Malaysia. As mentioned in this letter, this is his personal opinion and not that of KDM or any other organisation]


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  1. I can understand Sr Santokh Singh ji’s views,that bridges must be be built in any communication of this nature,the question is- is Modi sincerely willing to do the same?The answer , from what has been observed so far, he is NOT.He gave 30 minutes to the US Sikhs, and nothing has come out of that meeting.He gave the Sikhs in UK 15 minutes,, and throughout the meeting he did not say anything apart from that he will instruct his head of security to look at the issues.Both meetings has been unfruitful, and basically a “slap” in the face.If Sikhs in Malaysia wish to be treated the same, then, please go ahead and be counted to be treated the same, no one stops you, but the KAUM will WATCH your down out actions.iN THAT CASE, please, at least then tape your mouth with black tape.That would save one’s personal dignity, and also get the message of the Panth across.THis man is a facist nazi – many Indians themselves have asked for his boycott in the rise of facism in india-against the minorities.

    What would be a good card to play here for Sikhs is to highlight also his atrocities against the Muslims-that would expose his true colours, in a muslim country.I am sure no one wishes to be like the dogra brothers who stabbed the Sikh panth in 1848/9 and the likes of badal in current history.Does ANYONE think, Sikhs / Muslims have not been trying to engage with him?

    He is not interested in any talks, but happy to allow one single entity to crush the Sikh freedom- while he reaps in the bilateral trade benefits for Gujerat, not even India.

  2. First of all we need to be honest. .. is engaging modi showing respect to the Malaysian govt? Definitely no!
    On the other hand. .declining an invite from the Indian high commission to attend functions with Modi. .is it being disrespectful to malaysian govt? No again.
    Remember. ..
    We forget that before we are Malaysians (or deep down Indians).. we are Sikhs!
    Show some dignity and respect by being Sikhs. This man has no regard for attacks against your guru sahib. .
    Tepuk dada tanya selera!
    Before anything else. .be honest!

  3. May I suggest we all – including the leadership of the 22 Malaysian Sikh NGOs who plan to boycott – attend BUT plaster our mouths using white or black tape (a sign of boycott). We send the message to PM Modi (that as PM of Independent India he is obligated to protect “Sikhism in India” – for all Sikhs no matter where in the world they belong to). We will listen to him BUT we shall not respond AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME but we will later after our leadership have met and discuss what PM Modi had said publicly at that Malaysian meeting. It is a form of engagement. It is my humble suggestion. Thank you. Kuldip Singh s/o Durbara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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