MGC rival team releases 8-point manifesto

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 21 Nov 2015 | Asia Samachar |


A group of delegates attending the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC) are prepared to mount a challenge to the present leadership led by Jagir Singh.

The group spokesman released an 8-point manifesto to Asia Samachar early today.

“We have strong support nationwide,” group spokesman Aman Singh tells Asia Samachar. He sits on the out-going executive committee (exco) as the Federal Territory representative.

However, he declined to name the other team members or the positions they may vie for.

Among others, the group said it would ‘pledge allegiance to the government of the day’ and are prepared to resign if they do not achieve at least half of their desired goals within the two-year term.

The AGM, which starts at 2.30pm at the Sikh Centre at Gurdwara Sahib Sentul, is open only to delegates.

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On 16 Nov, Asia Samachar reported that a contest was brewing for the MGC leadership.

When contacted, Jagir Singh had confirmed he would contest for the president’s post.

“This will be my last term. I wanted to step down but the majority members wanted me to stay on for another term. The team wants me to complete a few projects that have been initiated and hopefully put the succession in place,” he then told Asia Samachar in an interview in Kuala Lumpur.

Jagir has served eight years as MGC president. His first two-year term was in 2005 when he defeated Sucha Singh from Kluang, Johor, for the post. He then won uncontested in 2007.


The new team’s for change manifesto:

1) To address the Granthi issue – within 6 months in Office a) to lower the age of Granthi from 40 years to 25 years.

2) To increase the service tenure from 3 years to 5 years. Already in talks with relevant ministry.

3) To pledge allegiance to the government of the day and engage with PMO office for continuous yearly flow of funds to all Gurdwaras and help smaller Gurdwaras with extra allocation for repairs.

4) To regulate all parcharaks and Granthi and have frequent seminar in all states especially Penang, Perak, Central, Johor. Sabah and Sarawak.

5) To reestablish and realign with all Sikh NGO so, if not all, at least a majority, can work together for the benefit of Malaysian Sikhs panth (Panth Di Chardikala).

6) To have SNSM representative in MGC to align MGC mission with the aspiration of the youth.

7) To have an up-todate website with daily or weekly news including availability of kirtanis, parcharaks, granthis.

8) To be a team player with the exco and state reps and give more responsibility to state representatives to manage their affairs and also help state representatives to tap funds from the respective state.

Lastly we have pre-signed a resignation letter that in event within one year our team does not positively engage and implement a minimum 50% of this proposed manifesto, we will resign and give way to a better team.

We don’t need six years to implement concerns of Malaysian Sikh sanggat and will not seek any extension term to finish tasks/promises not accomplished.


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