1m peso robbed from Manila gurdwara golak

| Manila, Philippines | 9 Dec 2015 Asia Samachar |
Khalsa Diwan Indian Sikh Temple - PHOTO/DAVIDMONTASCO
Khalsa Diwan Indian Sikh Temple – PHOTO/DAVIDMONTASCO

Seven men took off with P1 million (US$21,200) worth of donations from Khalsa Diwan Indian Sikh Temple in Paco, Manila, on 1 Dec 2015.

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera captured the armed men entering the Philippines temple along UN Avenue at around 3am before overpowering the security guards, shackling them and taking away their shotguns, reports ABS-CBN News (7 Dec 2015).

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The report goes on:

The group proceeded to the second floor where they took from the altar a donation box containing P1 million.

The CCTV footage shows five of the men struggling to carry the heavy box towards a waiting Honda CRV.

Authorities later found the get-away vehicle, which was supposedly rented by the suspects.

The Regional Police Intelligence Operatives Unit (RPIOU) of the NCR police arrested one of the suspects in a follow-up operation. He was identified as a former security guard of the temple.

James Kumar, president of the Khalsa Diwan Indian Sikh Temple, condemned the crime and appealed for the return of the 40-year-old donation box.


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  1. It saddens me when there are no responses from Sanggat leaders on the views expressed and suggestions given. Perception is that the Leaders are quite happy in the old ways and not willing to change.
    This may be equated to pouring water on an oily surface as it has no effect like the ‘murgaaii’ bird which
    dives into water but the water does not adversely effect its flying ability.

    It is for this reason that I and few of my friends, have long stopped giving any money to any Gurdwara except a token sum because the collections are rarely used to benefit needy Sikhs. Gurdwaras may note that while the value of RM has been going down the ‘mathaa teik’ offering is mainly in single RM notes.
    However the Ragis/Kirtanayas genrally may be getting bigger denomination notes because they are perceived to be earning a living and that is their profession.

    A survey/observation may show the true picture if Gurdwara Mgt Committee members were to observe.
    I look forward to their findings.

  2. An elder well to do son gave his father USD100,000.00 as a gift. The younger son needed USD50,000.00 to pursue his ambition to be a performing artist and the father agreed and gave the USD50,000.00 to the second son. The elder son scolded his father for giving away the money to his younger brother. The father then asked the elder son ‘AFTER YOU GAVE ME THE MONEY WAS IT YOUR MONEY OR MY MONEY?’ ‘AS THE MONEY WAS GIVEN WITHOUT ANY SPECIFIC CONDITIONS WAS HE AS THE FATHER WRONG TO USE THE MONEY AS HE DEEMED FIT?’ The son had no answer and walked away without saying a word but showed his displeasure by not giving any more funds to his father.
    [Above can be a scenario of our Gurdwaras where the Gurdwara funds are not used to help needy Sikhs by the Management Committees for fear that the Sanggat who offer the funds may not approve.]

    In another case Gurdwara funds from the Golak were being ‘taken’ in the middle of the night by a needy Sikh and when caught he was called up by the Committee to explain why he committed the theft. His reply was that HE DID NOT COMMIT THE THEFT BUT TOOK THE MONEY FROM HIS ‘FATHER’ [GURUJI] AS FUNDS IN THE GOLAK BELONG TO GURU JI WHO IS HIS ‘FATHER’. This was not acceptable to the Committee but no action was taken as it would bring shame to the Gurdwara. The same Gurdwara Golak was also robbed by outsiders but the thief was not identified for action to be taken and the amount written off.

    [Asia Samachar has published robberies of Gurdwara Golak’s in several towns. It is a common perception and knowledge that there are also cases of Gurdwara funds being subject to financial abuse/mismanagement/waste/frauds but little action if any being taken against anyone. This is common in cases where substantial trust funds are involved as is evidenced by Findings of Audit Reports of countries and NGOs/Charities/Religious Organizations – Refer to Internet for cases of such abuses]

    It is my view that Gurdwara Management Committees should stop making
    but should change their mindsets and

    Many Gurdwara Committees are regularly busy with plans to construct new and large building in many localities even when there are very few Sikhs in the localities. There are many such abandoned/unused or little used Gurdwara facilities in Malaysia [Tumpat-K Krai-Tapah-Small towns] and other countries.
    Further the old faith is still prevalent as is illustrated by the recently reported case of a wealthy Perak Sikh who has left on his death land/buildings to three small town Gurdwaras in Perak.
    How will this large donation assist those needy Sikhs as it may be used to make building which very few and for very little time will be used?

    Comments will be appreciated as I am willing to discuss MANAGEMENT OF GURDWARA FUNDS at any time and any place.

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