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Sdr Gurjeet Singh Rhande
President, Perak Sikh Union

Respected Sardar Ji,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh


My congratulations to Perak Sikh Union (PSU) who is on the way to realize its dream of having its own Club House with the commencement of land clearing works which began on 14.1.16. I observe that the elected Building Committee is to be led by you and supported by secretary Harkiran Deep Singh. Others elected were Dr Bhajan Singh, Kiranjeet Kaur Sidhu as the legal advisor and Nariderjeet Singh Gill from Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh. I observe that YB Dato’ Dr. Gurdeep Parkash Singh [Patron] is also member of the Committee and we have known each other since 1981 when both of us were working in Kota Baharu Kelantan. I am not familiar with other Executive Committee Members. I wish to convey my best wishes for a successful completion of this important projects for the use of the community in Perak and also for use by others.

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My objective of writing this is to make the Committee aware that the construction industry is one of one of the industries that is among those most susceptible to mismanagement, fraud, corruption, bribery and kickback risks.

The contributory causes include lack of awareness and expertise relevant to the various aspects associated with designs, terms and conditions, implementation methods, pricing strategies, etc among those designated for the ‘Project’. The best method is to take preventive measures by equipping own self with awareness and knowledge. With this in view, I am forwarding some of my recently revised articles [not subject to any copyright laws as they are authored by me and can be freely shared with one and all] relevant to MANAGEMENT and MONITORING aspects of the three components of any ‘Project’ which are works, services of technical consultants and procurement of Building Materials and Assets used in implementation.

It is emphasized that the facilities should be compatible to the needs and not based only on ‘cosmetic’ looks and user friendly and fittings to be usage relevant such as plumbing and fittings.

It is not the intention to suspect or doubt the expertise of those involved in the ‘Project’ but to supplement with my 40 years experience in audit of construction ‘Projects’. My humble apologies if anyone were to misunderstand my intentions.

I am ever willing to provide any assistance on any relevant aspect relating to Construction Project Components at any time and place that is mutually convenient. Acknowledgement will be appreciated.

Best regards

Gursharan Singh C.M.I.I.A.
[Trainer-Knowledge Sharer-Audit Officer]
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
[H/P] 6019-2927178 [H] 603-79718549


Gursharan Singh, a retired audit officer from the Malaysian civil service, is a frequent commentator at Asia Samachar. In response to our report ‘Land clearing started for Perak Sikh Union club house‘, he has voluntarily shared with PSU a number of documents touching on the various aspects of construction contract and projects. The topics include internal control questionnaire, financial implications of terms and conditions, insurance policies, levies, role of financial and accounting professionals, importance of documentation and reimbursable claims/costs for ‘expenses’. Gursharan is happy to share them with anyone interested. To get a copy of the documents, drop an email to


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  1. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    I would appreciate an acknowledgement from Sdr Gurjeet Singh Rhande President, Perak Sikh Union as it will confirm that he has received it and his committee members have been informed.

    Failure to do so could be perceived as no interest in the information. This is what I was indicating in my article titled
    TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY OF TRUST FUNDS – ‘GURDWARAS’, the article has been expanded to include ‘ ‘SIKHNGOS’.


    03-79718549 019-2927178

  2. My thanks to Asia Samachar for publishing my letter to PSU together with indication that the articles forwarded to PSU can be obtained by writing to Asia Samachar. I have many other articles relevant to the Construction Industry which can be provided on request.


    ‘DASWAND’ includes KNOWLEDGE AND TIME and I am willing to give both subject to mutual convenience.

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