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| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 5 April 2016 | Asia Samachar |

“If I heard things about myself or if I heard people calling me names, I’d tell them How I feel and I would distance myself from them if they still went on after that,” reigning Miss Malaysia Universe Kiran Jassal tells a campus magazine.

In an another interview with a daily newspaper, she says: “I think the whole pageant is more than looks, because when you compete internationally, there are about 88 other girls and they are all equally beautiful.”

These are just two of the media blitz that greeted Kiran, the 20-year old straight A beauty.

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She has just been featured on the cover of the April 2016 issue of the Campus Plus School Edition. The magazine asked: How do you think teenagers can be more confident?

“Embrace your body for what it is as everyone’s different. Don’t compare yourself to others – they’re not you. You’re the best of yourself and no matter what people say, they don’t know what its like to be you. Have confidence in yourself,” she replies.

Malaysian daily The Malay Mail has also featured an interview with her (see below).



Life has changed tremendously for this year’s Miss Universe Malaysia, Kiran Jassal, who was scheduled to begin dental school a few months ago.

“Now, in addition to taking care of myself, I have to think what the people of Malaysia want. I’m still figuring out all the changes,” said the 20-year-old.

Since she is new to the industry, Kiran feels like she is learning a lot of new things, including how to give good interviews, to pose for the perfect photoshoot and build her confidence.

“I still have to improve my catwalk and voice projection, as it’s a whole new adventure of meeting people and going for events, something I have never done before,” she said.

She is learning to cope and get used to the fame as people begin to recognise her.

“It’s not fame in particular, rather it’s having a platform to reach out to other people. I’m still not used to the idea that I’m a public figure now. I’m still the same old Kiran, I still do the same things like hanging out with my friends.”

She finds it a little weird to be judged by her looks, as she feels there is more to the pageant than her appearance.

“I think the whole pageant is more than looks, because when you compete internationally, there are about 88 other girls and they are all equally beautiful.”

“I feel everyone is unique with different features that stand out. It’s about your intellect and the way you carry yourself that has more importance than looks,” said Kiran.

To date, Kiran has met up with a number of Miss Universe Malaysia “alumni”, including Elaine Daly (2003), Nadine Ann Thomas (2010), Deborah Henry (2011), Carey Ng (2013) and Vanessa Tevi (2015).

Her desire to meet them stemmed from her childhood dream of becoming Miss Universe.

“I have watched the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants on TV with my mum and sister since I was five. My sister and I had newspaper cuttings of all the beautiful girls from the Miss Universe pageants and made a scrap book of it. We always thought it would be cool to join the pageant one day.”

Although she had this dream, she didn’t think she would have the courage to put herself out there, knowing people would be judging her.

It was her mother, Ranjit Kaur, who helped ease her fears.

Ranjit had joined the Mrs World Malaysia pageant last year and told Kiran: “Although I’m old, I dared to put myself out there because we only live once and if we don’t try, we’ll never know. I don’t want to live with that regret.”

On her daily diet, Kiran said she chooses healthy, balanced meals instead of going on fad diets to stay thin.

“We practice healthy eating habits at home and I prefer consuming smaller portions frequently, like snacking on yoghurt and high-fibre cheese. It helps keep me from overeating.”

“I also don’t cut carbohydrates because I feel I need all seven classes for a balanced meal,” she added.

While one would expect such a vivacious young lady to be a social butterfly, Kiran is just the opposite. “I don’t enjoy clubbing. I’d rather stay home with a group of friends and catch up over a movie and pizza.”

She is also a fitness freak and goes to the gym to work out as often as possible.

Soon to be under Amber Chia’s training, Kiran is eager to represent Malaysia at the Miss Universe event later this year.



My morning starts with at least 10 minutes of prayer and then, I check my emails.

On a typical weekday, I wake up at 7am and following my prayers, the morning work ritual begins. It usually takes about an hour to get my hair and makeup done and then comes my favourite part, eating. Breakfast includes 2 hard-boiled eggs, 10 almond nuts and a glass of chocolate milk. If not eggs, I would have toasted brown bread or cereals.

On days my appointments are scheduled later in the morning, I would go to BodyTone first for a workout.

My schedule varies everyday, so it’s exciting. My day-to-day activities or work as I call it, ranges from photoshoots, media interviews and events to training and meetings. Typically, if I have an event to attend, I’d usually go to the salon to get my tresses prepped while stealing a snack in between. Events are fun, in my opinion, as you get to socialise and meet people of different backgrounds.

My evenings are usually the most relaxing, except for when I’ve got events to attend, then it is all hustle, hustle, hustle! Otherwise, I spend time with my mum and sister, watching our favourite TV series Scandal and Suits and we have dinner together while updating each other on our day. I catch up on some reading and if there is, I get work done, reply emails as well as fan messages and head to bed not too long after. But before snoozing, I give my dad a call (as he is currently based in Langkawi) and proceed with my nightly skincare routine. By 11.30pm, I am sound asleep.


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