American Sikhs, Latinos serve free hot meals in Washington DC

A group of Sikhs in Washington DC venturing out to serve with a kitchen on wheels. They call it SevaTruck.

| Washington, US | 10 June  2016 | Asia Samachar |
SevaTruck team from right: President and Executive Director of SevaTruck Foundation Sonny Kakar and volunteers Nidhi Gulati and Rebecca Cohencious at the May 24, 2016, event. - PHOTO / LAYC
SevaTruck team from right: President and Executive Director of SevaTruck Foundation Sonny Kakar and volunteers Nidhi Gulati and Rebecca Cohencious at the May 24, 2016, event. – PHOTO / LAYC

A group of American Sikhs are teaming up with Latin Americans and the US Vets to serve healthy vegetarian meals through its Free Meal Service. Their aims: to eliminate hunger in Washington, DC.

In mid-April, the aptly-named SevaTruck appeared at Columbia Heights to serve piping hot meals, freshly prepared in the mobile kitchen, to a group of participants from the Latin American Youth Centre (LAYC).

SevaTruck Foundation members have found their calling. They have teamed up with LAYC to do their bit in combating hunger and food insecurity.

“We are so grateful to Sonny Kakar and the SevaTruck Foundation for selecting LAYC as a partner in carrying out our mission. So many youth in our community do not have access to nutritious meals in the afternoons,” said LAYC Community Wellness Director Mike Leon, in a report at its website.

“Many of the youth we serve really only get a solid meal while in school. Providing a warm, nutritious meal to a cross section of very hardworking young people who are often over looked in traditional meal programs, serves a very critical need for us,” he added.
LAYC expressed its gratitude for the partnership with SevaTruck and recognized them as its June 2016 Champs for Youth Partner Spotlight.

“We are so privileged to partner with the Latin American Youth Center to serve free nutritious hot meals to their youth,” says Sonny Kakar, President and Executive Director of SevaTruck Foundation, in the same report.

“It is astonishing to me that Washington D.C. has the highest rate of food insecurities among children. When I heard that, I knew immediately that we had to do our part to address the most basic, fundamental need of food for those in need right here in our back yard,” continues Kakar. “More importantly, in the case of LAYC, we have the opportunity to mobilize our SevaTruck and make immediate impact to youth and children who may not otherwise have access to a hot, nutritious meal.”

SevaTruck describes itself as a non-profit organization that aims to provide healthy vegetarian meals through our Free Meal Service to eliminate hunger in Washington, DC. See here.

To help combat food insecurity in the Washington, D.C. metro area, SevaTruck has focused its operations towards two targeted audiences – children and veterans, according to information on its website.

In this regard, it said SevaTruck has partnered with the Latin American Youth Center, a D.C. based center that provides a host of services and support to over 4,000 underprivileged youth annually, and the US Vets, an organization that operates an 85 bed facility for homeless veterans.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food insecurity as having limited or uncertain access to adequate food. Although food is one of the three basic essentials required by all of humanity, too many individuals are suffering from the debilitating effects of hunger, especially in the nation’s capital.

The next meal date is Tuesday, June 14. SevaTruck will offer two services on the 14th: at Noon in front of LAYC’s building on Columbia Road, NW, and at 3 p.m. in front of LAYC’s Safe Housing office on 15th Street, NW.

Youth identified by LAYC receive tokens to exchange for a healthy, delicious meal on the day of meal service, the LAYC report said.



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