SNSM to elect new Jathedar at AGM on Sunday

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 8 Aug 2016 | Asia Samachar | 
The letter to members announcing SNSM's 50th AGM to be held on 14 Aug 2016. On the agenda is, at Point 50.8, 'Election of Jathedar for 2016/2018' - PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR
The letter to members announcing SNSM’s 50th AGM to be held on 14 Aug 2016. On the agenda is, at Point 50.8, ‘Election of Jathedar for 2016/2018’ – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM), a flag bearer of Sikh parchaar in the country for more than three decades since the 1970s, will elect a new leader this Sunday (14 Aug 2016).

The organiser of youth camps and various other Sikh-youth activities will be electing its 22nd leader, called Jathedar, at its Annual General Meeting to be held at its headquartes at Jalan Kuantan, Kuala Lumpur.

Pavandeep Singh, the youngest ever to assume the Jathedar post since the organisation was formed in the 1960s, has served for four years since 2012. The SNSM constitution allows a person to serve a consecutive of two terms of two-year each.

AGM notice has been dispatched to its members. On the agenda, at Point 50.8, is ‘Election of Jathedar for 2016/2018’.

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Once elected, the Jathedar appoints members to the executive committee (exco).

Last year’s AGM, a non-election year, saw heated discussions on a number of issues. Among them were the perceived lost of trust from the wider Sikh sanggat and concerns about it planning to hold its signature camp, the Annual Gurmat Parchaar Samelan, at its camp site in Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB), Selangor.

Another issue that may crop up is the position of its finance.

In an article entitled Naujawan Sabha Is Broke in March 2016, Asia Samachar reported on the financial woes faced by the organisation, in part forcing it to abandon organising another one of its other signature event, the annual Vaisakhi kirtan and katha kick-off, at its usual venue at Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Instead, they moved the programme to Gurdwara Sahib Klang.

At the heart of the matter is the financial position of SNSM, popularly known as Naujawan Sabha in Malaysia. Some members are already labelling it a financial crisis, it then reported.

“We were struggling to pay up the outstanding bills for the annual samelan. The Cheras programme will add to the Sabha’s current financial woes,” the report quoted one SNSM official.

The SNSM Jathedar listing on a plaque found at its national headquarters in Kuala Lumpur - PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR
The SNSM Jathedar listing on a plaque found at its national headquarters in Kuala Lumpur – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

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  1. CONSIDERING this same LAKHBIR SINGH was calling for the boycott of ASIA Samachar, why should Asia Samachar readers for vote for such a impatient and violent orientated person?Remember the threats of the Penanl code 295 A? he was more concerned about the phantom picture of another religion and willing stand witness against Guru Granth sahib.

    Not even mahakaal, who we do not expect to help us, neither will GOd himself help should the readers of Asia samachar vote this heinous character into the jathedaari.BOYCOTT HIM

    Sr Jasbir Singh Ji professional, will have more caring aspects and recognise a duty of care more effectively than this lakhbir.

    He was the very person, who thought He was a maha God, who was making Asia Samachar and DR karaminder Singhs God.Is this oragnisatuon goes into the hands of such people, people can kiss the posterior of the jathedar, it will still be gone.

  2. Khalsa JI, THIS LAKHBIR is the same man, who was threatening Sikhs with Penal Code 295A, and was prepared to be against the Guru Granth sahib as witness to promote the DG.He is the most undiplomatic and full of arrogance to threaten the sangat in the manner he did.

    With little understanding of the SRM and Guru Granth sahib, he will make Sikhs a long haired hindu religions extension like the SGGSA.

    Should this institution go to such people,what you have seen in the last two months with what the SGGSA did, you will next see the crumbling disaster of the face of the SNSM

    This man Lakhbir, a confirmed DGranthia, cannot be allowed to be at the helm of the premier Sikh organisation.

    Any candidate should be asked to declare in advance that their loyalty lies in Guru Granth Sahib aaaand the current SIKH REHAT MARYADA, being spiritual is no gurantee of stability.

    In 1984 such spiritually inclined chap brought such disaster that community is reeling with anger.Diplomacy and politics are handed by spirituality.

    Tow months ago, the Sikhs community is Malaysia was getting along calmly aand pacfully, the arraogance of another so called spiritual man brought untld damage and split in the community. When a premier Sikhs organisation asked such nonsensical and deviant preaching to stop, lies were told.False u tubes were produced, false couplets used.This spiritual person went to extremes to misled and lie to the Sikhs in Malaysia.

    Spirituallity of one does not benefit another, so do not be fooled with such.

    The sangat will live to regret ever putting this DGranthie into post; as the MURDER of the SNSM will begin with his election, and like

  3. All Asia Samachar readers please vote for Giani Lakhbir Singh Khalsa as our new Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia Jathedar. He is a capable leader and a great sewadar too. He is a very spiritual person and can unite all Sikhs in Malaysia. Moreover, he is also the Jathedar of Panj Pyarey of Malaysia so he is the right person to lead. Please campaign for him and pass the words around. He should win hands down.

  4. This post refers to ‘SNSM to elect new Jathedar at AGM on Sunday’ but the above two comments refer to ‘DG’ controversy.
    Humbly suggest comments be relevant to the ‘post’


  5. It would appear more trust would be lost.This organisation needs someone firm and honest who WILL abide by the current panthic systems and maryada, and not frumble in the dark with issues that have been decided years ago by the greater DG-as I understand one of those standing ,a former granthi from PJ owes his allegiance to the DG-this is a great concern for the community.

    One such DG lover from SGGSA has caused a great division and upheaval in the community,already m thinking he will be the hero that will change the position, the panth has maintained has mainatained for over 100 years.AS a Sikh, I hope, this person sleeps well, for the havoc he created using falsehood.

    In Malaysia, most do not have a clue,are now behaving as if they themselves read the book…and giving opinions like water of a ducks backside.They are young, who have been brain washed over last 10 15 years the SGGSSA has been around.

    There are 31,800,000 SIKH outside Malaysia who hold the power to change, not the misled head of the SGGSA.It is neither done in jungles and through U tubes-which are all false and fraud.Imagine someone who went to such lengths to lie and fraud the community and mislead the sangats?And yet the blind followers are ranting like serpents out loose.

    If another like him turns up in the SNSM, then that will be the end of the Sikhi as we know.Like Dr Karaminder Singh explained, we will then not only have the DG, but also a statue of mahakaal and durga.

    Misled people do NOT understand the DG was the Hindu plan by the araya samaj in 1880s to bring Sikhs back into the hindu fold.The DG was a book created to achieve those ends.
    This has now been adopted by the RSS

    It was planted, it was re-editored by a man, who also TOOK OUT EIGHT COMPOSITIONS FOUND AMONG THE DIFFERENT editions of the the 32 collected books in 1895.It remains no longer the writings of the Guru even if it was.

    65% of it is depraved sex stories. That perhaps the DG followers enjoy , but would not read it to their sisters or mothers as some well read people here have put out.

    The point is do we need another supporter now,that betrays the Guru Granth sahib and feels he or she needs another false book to support.

    It will be the end of Sikh ethos, if this person, a die hard supporter of the DG, and who also wishes to bring in the goonish tksaal into Malaysia is elected as the Jathedar. There is ample evidence what his intentions are -being in the SNSM panj piares – was a big mistake the organisation made.

    Now is the time to get rid of the DG propagators,before this organisation regrets, and before it is too late.

    Perhaps, the wise thing to do would be to ask the aspirant candidates, to do an ardas in the hozoori of GURU GRANTH SAHIB and declared openly they OWE their allegiance to the Guru Granth sahib ONLY,and the CURRENT SIKH REHAT MARYADA, and no body else nor any other book.

    I hope the Giani Ji will willingly declare this in public, before he represents himself for election, so as to instill reassurance and confident in the Sikh sangats , that we will not see another disaster that SGGSA has brought and heaped upon the community.

    There are a lot of rumours that the Giani Ji is an ardent pujari of the tksaal and DG, thus it is fairly reasonable to ask him he openly DISPELS this concerns in public and with allegiance to the Guru Granth sahib and the current SRM

    This is a benchmark that should be used for all such elections.

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