Bardish makes history as Canada’s first woman House leader

| Canada | 21 Aug 2016 | Asia Samachar |
PM Justin Trudeau announced Bardish Chagger's appointment on his Facebook page using the photo on the right
PM Justin Trudeau announced Bardish Chagger’s appointment on his Facebook page using the photo on the right

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — who once famously quipped that  ‘I more Sikhs in my cabinet than Modi does’ — makes the Sikh presence in Canadian politics even deeper with the appointment of one of his ministers as the government House leader.

Bardish Chagger, 36, will be the first woman to serve as government House leader, responsible for shepherding the government’s legislative agenda through the Commons.

Chagger was one of the five Sikh women and five turbaned Sikhs among the 19 Indo-Canadians who won in the Canada general election 2015.

The Indo-Canadians representatives more than doubled their representation in the 338-member parliament.

The electorate gave Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party an absolute majority, a stunning blow to incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has been in office since 2006.

“I believe in hard work, and I’m up for the challenge,” she was qouted by the Canadian Ppess.

Chagger’s rise seems nothing short of meteoric, having won her first election just last October and being named small business minister — duties she will keep — in Justin Trudeau’s debut cabinet, it added.

In his Facebook posting on 20 Aug 2016, Trudeau writes: “Today, Small Business and Tourism Minister Bardish Chagger becomes the first woman to serve as Government House Leader. Congratulations, Bardish!”




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  1. Yet the male dominated societies including Sikhs in many countries, continue to treat
    be they unborn or single or married and young or old or elderly.
    Preference for male children even in most cases it may be common knowledge that sons-husbands-fathers rarely look after their male relatives when in need or elderly.

  2. In The Guru Granth Women Are given Equal status as Men.
    Man by himself is incomplete,, and so is a woman.
    Only through a holy matrimony they become one & complete the True purpose of their visit to Mother ?. ?

  3. Women are as capable if not more than men in any and every sphere. Yet the male dominated societies and religions refuse to see evidence of this reality in many male dominated countries and societies and thus may be confirming that men fear that they are generally inferior to the male species.

    GURU NANAK JI saw and advised more than five centuries ago the male dominated leaders not to disgrace women who give birth to kings (including and leaders and holy men).

    Sadly even in todays highly literate (not educated) societies this truth may not be acceptable to the male dominated religious-political-corporate-societies.

    However some countries like Canada and Singapore appear to be accepting and practising this truth.

    Congratulations to them for showing the way with the hope that others will follow but for this to happen WOMEN MUST COME OUT OF THE SHADOW AND SUBSERVIENCE TO THE MEN.

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