Panth Ekta over ‘Dasam Granth’

At its just concluded AGM, Khalsa Diwan Malaysia has voiced its support to MGC and other like-minded Sikh organisations on Sikh Rehat Maryada and Dasam Granth issue

| Letter | 28 Sept 2016 | Asia Samachar |
Backdrop for the Khalsa Diwan Malaysia AGM on 25 Sept 2016 - PHOTO / PROVIDED
Backdrop for the Khalsa Diwan Malaysia AGM on 25 Sept 2016 – PHOTO / PROVIDED

From time to time, the Panth faces critical situations, some external and some internal. The Panth is not  new to such situations. In fact, right from the times of our Gurus, many such crises arose. We faced them guided by our our Gurus teaching not to give in to injustice, oppression and other such pressures.

Some crises are real and some created. This ‘Dasam Granth’ issue is one that should not arise at all as no less than Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself bestowed Gurgadhi to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (SGGS). Had He wanted, Guru Ji could have incorporated the “bani’ into SGGS OR ordered that the ‘Dasam Granth’ be placed side by side the SGGS. No such thing happened.

Suddenly, we now have groups who want to go beyond what Guru Gobind Singh Ji did. They went to great lengths to get some sort of authentication by approaching the Thakat Dhamdama Sahib Ji.

Imagine each Thakat issuing their own hukamnamas. Imagine the chaos. It has been agreed that Panthic decisions are made by the Akal Thakat (in consultation with the other four Thakats). And or the Panth itself.

We have the Sikh Rahit Maryada (SRM) based on the teachings of the Gurus. We have our Gurbani as our supreme guide.

At our Annual General Meeting of Khalsa Diwan Malaysia on 25 September 2016, a resounding unanimous resolution was adapted to support the Malaysian Gurdwara Council (MGC) and other like-minded bodies to strongly follow the Sikh Rahit Meryada and leave the ‘Dasam Granth’ issue aside till Akal Thakat , togather with other Thakats take a decision.

We urge the groups preaching otherwise to fall in line with Panthic decisions for the sake of ekta in our Quam. United we stand, divided we fall.

Santokh Singh Randhawa
President, Khalsa Diwan Malaysia.


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  1. There cannot be a compromise over this Panthic issue Divisions were caused by irresponsible characters trying to manipulate through self ego.

    This was an unecesssary division that self ego centric,irresponsible individual,acting on individual opinion,coaxed by anti panthic groups caused,as part of the wider agenda,in view of the 350 th celebration due in January 2017 in Patna.

    This is not an issue that one parma can decide and instruct to the rest of the Panth.

    Such mallicious attempts to divide sangats have taken before.

    It now falls upon the Sikhs to decide between false attempts to lie and the prevalent truth.

    Lies werr also told about the history of Maryada and SGPC,openly.

    This issue not a choice for any Sikh,but a duty of care to uphold the truth of the Panth’s descision,and maintain Unity,on tbe Panthic descision,NOT,one person’s unfounded whim.

    I hope more Guruduras and societies stand together ,and show they will never be divided by opportunitists bhekhis,using the name of the Guru,with falsehoid

    Congratulations well done KDM.

    This is what every Sikh should be doing.

  2. Gurfateh.
    Well done. Shows maturity and putting the collective good before personal preferences. All responsible Malaysian Gurdwaras, Organisations, Societies, Khalsa Punjabi Schools and Registered Sikh Bodies should follow this lead of the Khalsa Diwan Malaysia and actively promote Panthic Ekta and Unity and put a stop to personal ego driven initiatives that cause disunity among the Malaysian Sikh Sangat. Rightly said -United we stand, Divided we fall.

  3. All know that ‘United we stand and divided we fall’ but the Sanggat still continue to be divided on this issue and neither party is willing to concede.
    Sikhs do not need outsiders to divide the Sanggat as Sikhs may have sufficient numbers to do the division and differing views on the ‘DG’ controversy appears to be doing it.


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