Sikh Missionary College-trained young parcharak values freedom

Baljeet Singh, who is in Malaysia for a two-week Sikh lecture series, prefers to stay as a freelance speaker

| Malaysia | 16 Oct 2016 Asia Samachar |
Baljeet Singh New Delhi lecture series in Malaysia - PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR
Baljeet Singh New Delhi lecture series in Malaysia – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

Baljeet Singh, a young kathavachak (Sikh speaker) from New Delhi, has impressed listeners at some of his early programmes in Malaysia.

Initial feedback has been positive on the 27-year old Sikh Missionary College-trained speaker, who speaks in Johor Bahru tonight (Sun, 16 Oct 2016).

Baljeet, who has been a freelance parcharak (preacher) since 2011, is reluctant to be attached to any particular gurdwara as it restricts their freedom.

“Then the management committee will dictate what you can and cannot talk about. They want put you in a straightjacket,” he tells Asia Samachar in an interview in Kuala Lumpur.

Baljeet, who finished the first 12-years old schooling in New Delhi, pursued a three-year diploma from Sikh Missionary College, Anandpur Sahib, beginning 2008.

Why study Sikhi? He said he was inspired by a former student of the college, who was deployed in New Delhi. Another turning point was a Sikh camp in New Delhi in 2006.

“Hearing about Sikhi, listening to the hardship that Sikhs went through, I was inspired to follow their footsteps,” he said.

He will then have speaking engagements at the following gurdwaras: Taiping (Oct 17), Kampar (18), Ipoh (19), Petaling Jaya (20), Seremban (20-23), Kuala Lumpur (24-25) and Klang (26-27).

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  1. Excellent!Gurbani id liberation from very any brahmanical suppresive practices and purely mythological actions that Gurbani does NOT support.

    With rising internet availability snatani and brahmani mindset is panicking that theit age old hold over people with fake,cooked up and fictional stories associated to Gurus and Gurbani will no longer b popular,and it will loose them their livelihood.Thus,together with nefarious groups like RSS that has been at work for ages,trying to break the Sikhs from Guru Granth Sahib.They want Sikhs assimilated Sikhs into hindus.

    But some among our so called sikhs are willing stooges to do the dirty work of the anti sikh groups.Without any understanding of issues

  2. Gurfateh Jios.

    Its the young dedicated free lance Parchraks like Bhai Baljeet Singh, that have taken the Sikh world by storm..The likes of Bhai Panthpreet Singh who comes form a Hindu background, is a qualified Medical Doctor who runs a free medical clinic in hsi house in Bhakhtaura Bhatinda..and yet devotes his time to do Tatt Gurmatt Parchaar of NIROL GURBANI – seeking and spreading only GURBANI minus all the extra baggage of hindu mythology and rituals etc .

    Another major pillar of this awakening among Sikhs is the 360 U-turn form Baba to the Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadreewallah..who was a Baba/derawadee for the initial period of his life as a Preacher and then realised the real beauty of tatt Gurmat and what Gurbani was all about, he did a 360 Degree U-Turn which has led to death threats, even one unsuccessful Assasination attempt in wchich his partner was killed when their convoy was ambushed by some people ostensibly serving cool water to passers by in the Sikh Tradition of Chhabeel Culture !! Bhai Sahib barely escaped with his life. Attempts to silence him are still ongoing.

    This has also not stopped but given extra impetus to the others in this continue parchaar to assert the supremacy of the SGGS as the Sole Guru of the Sikhs and to interpret Gurbani by looking into Gurbani itself as the 1429 page huge text has all the questions and all the answers that Sikhs need to be Good Sikhs.
    These Gurmatt Parchraks sing and do katha ONLY of Gurbani, Sikh history and Sikh Literature minus myths and entertainment value sakhis etc which were used by the traditional ragis and kathawachaks to embellish their kirtan and kathas. These traditionals failed to realise that Gurbani is not a song and dance entertainment..its BRAHAM VICHAAR…way above mere sakhis and tall tales – its a most serious matter on which the Gurus spent over 200 years preparing and propogating, with Guru Nanak ji travelling for almost all his adult life all over the known world collecting the Gurbani penned by saints and holy men of various religions.

    Its time we Sikhs give all our support to such budding Tatt Gurmatt Parchraks who seek to parchaar disseminate ONLY Gurbani of SGGS..our Guru and saviour. A Sikhs who doesnt KNOW his GURU is weak and undecided – lets listen carefully, get to really know our Guru through his writngs, sikhya, and be Good strong Sikhs. Gurbani is Practical – not just for meditating, chanting or kann rass entertainment – it has to be read, listened, loved, understood, followed practically – so that the changes show up in our daily lives. Sunniah, manniah Mann keeta Bhao….and this is not possible if the preachers dont tell us about Gurbani but concentrate on what their own dera Babas did and tell us tall tales of magic and miracles which dont really exist and are hearsay only. The Real TRUTH is before us in the 1429 page Black and White. SGGS tells us in no uncertain terms that EACH PERSON is solely RESPONSIBLE for his /her own Baba or holy man can save you or answer for you. To each his own responsibility. Kudos to Bhai Sahibs like Baljeet Singh, Panth Preet Singh, Bhai ranjit Singh Dhadreewallah, Bhai karamjit Singh Rudrapur, Bhai Majhi, Bhai Dupalli, and a score of others in the Tatt Gurmatt camp. They are leading the Sikh Gurbani Awareness Campaign to wake the Panth out of its slumber. They speak out fearlessly and without favour to none except the GURU SGGS. But at the end of the day, its our responsibility to get to know the GURU ourselves and change our lives accordingly. These Parchraks can only show us the way..the Journey is ours to make.