Perlis Sikhs do sehaj paath for Ek Panth, Ek Granth, Ek Maryada


| Kangar, Malaysia | 30 Nov 2016 Asia Samachar |

Gurdwara Sahib Kangar - PHOTO / PRITPAL SINGH
Gurdwara Sahib Kangar – PHOTO / PRITPAL SINGH

The tiny Sikh community in Perlis, a Malaysian state bordering Thailand, has plugged itself with the Ek Panth, Ek Granth, Ek Maryada movement.

They conducted a sehaj paath (complete reading of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib in stages) to mark their participation.

“The Sanggat members did the paath themselves, with some help of our local granthi. The programme was inspired by the call from the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council,” GSK committee president Pritpal Singh tells Asia Samachar.

They held a path da bhog (conclusion of prayers) ceremony at Gurdwara Sahib Kangar (GSK) on 20 Nov 2016. The sehaj path began on 3 Oct 2016.

Kangar is the capital of Perlis, a state in the north of Peninsular Malaysia. There are about 130 Sikhs in the state.

“The path da bhog was followed by a short talk on the purpose of this semagam and the logo. We discussed the importance and relevance of the Sikh Rehat Maryada in our daily life, as individual Sikhs and Panth members,” said Pritpal.

Two major gurdwaras – Klang and Seremban – have adopted the ‘Ek Granth, Ek Panth, Ek Maryada’ slogan as part of their leadership ethos.

The slogan was inspired by the ‘One Granth, One Panth’ slogan first floated by the World Sikh Council (WSC), which has representatives from 20 countries, including Malaysia.

At its annual meeting in March 2016 in Paris, France, the WSC called on Sikh organisations to unite under the ‘One Granth One Panth’ banner to promote the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib.


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  1. I love so many banis from dasam granth so who ever talk bout this please keep it to yourself and follow. I think many people had never seen the beautiful meaning in dasam granth. I am nobody to instruct people which to follow and not to follow as im like dust under the feet of god. Talking bout maryada in this so called 21st century i still wonder who follows much of maryada. So dont talk nonsense. Bani guru, guru hai bani vich bani amrit sarey…if u say all is ur guru than everything is ur bani. 10 patshahiya di jagdi joth….its also all the bani. This is just few examples but still end of the day is an individuals point of view. If that particular gurdwara practices ek panth ek granth than its fine ill still go because thats gods house not the culprits house who try over writting things and ill still do all 5 bani and who will come and stop me. I dont think anyone will dare stop. So to me let them do what they feel is right dont have to fight after all just do as much paath that is possible because the bliss of paath is eternal. Wjkk wjkf.

  2. Excellent moves, to reiterate panthic UNITY, and commitment to the National Sikh Maryada, also known as SIKH Rehat Maryada.It is through education on these occasions that we can keep our community united and strongly committed to the guidelines founded by the entire community, through world wide consultations, spanning a period of almost 17 years, through a very turberlent period for the community.

    Some misled individuals with their personal agendas are claiming, some obscure “putan” maryada, was overlooked.This is nothing than a bag of cobblers.There was, never and is no such puratan maryada, that can be claimed it was fully Gurbani based until, 1925.

    The Gurduaras were under the Nirmals, Udasis, and some other sects, who were semi Hindu, and/or semi self propagated.They ran the Gurduaras according to their own rules and ideas.Thus there was no single maryada.So, how do these ignorant self proposed puritans justify a puritan maryada, to mislead the sangats?

    Much of the claims comes from a criminally orientated outfit called dum dum tksaal, that falsely claims it’s history to Damdama sahib,and Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

    The reality is there was no such school sat up by the Guru Ji nor anyone else in Damdama Sahib.A Sikh school, existed at Damdama sahib, but it was not called dum dumi tksaal.

    No Sikh historical factual composition refers to any tksaal prior to 1977.It was only in 1977, Kartar Singh, head of jatha Chowk Bhindra, began to refer to his group, as dum dumi tksaal, seeing a loophole to attract a larger following , so more monies can pour in.Ironically, blined by the words Damdama and false claims that Guru Ji started this, people as is the norm among Sikhs started following blindly without asking any questions or looking into history!This group of dum dumis has caused a great deal of rift and divide and confusion among the Sikhs, while trying to be the top dogs in the Sikhs world.

    Their opportunity came when in 1984, Jarnail Singh Bhindrwala, took the opportunity to challenge the powers, and holed in the Harmandir sahib,resulting in a military attack upon the Harmander sahib, and causing deaths of thousands of innocent Sikhs.Was there a blue print to what would happen after the attack? Were there any objectives and many more questions arise.All can be answered in NO NO strategy, no planning, no way forward.

    The taksaal, then took the opportunity to ride high on his martyrdom.In 1999, seeing the Sikh dedication towards the Guru Granth sahib, these people, vying for power, joined or sold themselves to the RSS, whose for fathers the Arya Samaj, had committed since 1870s to reconverting the Sikhs into Hindus, through a programme called SHUDHI.

    They have recognised that they can do it very much easily, if they can convince the Sikhs that a copied book, written by dubious and unknown people, from different irellevent sources,was written by Guru Gobind Singh, then they can get Sikhs to worship Hindu gods like mahakaal, durga, Vishnu, then they can succeed Sikhs into breaking away from their independent identity ,which ONLY the Guru Granth sahib has preserved through it’s teachings, and make Sikhs another branch of Hinduism, and absorb Sikhi all to gether , like they have done to Jainism, Mahavirais, and Buddhisim within India.

    But many snatani Sikhs linked to hindu mythological teachings have like fools swallowed lock barrel and key this brain washing, and now in Sikh roop are trying to convince other Sikhs of accepting this porno orientated book and setting it next to the Guru ji.

    These groups, added by other smaller fries like nanaksarias, Nirankaris etc all claim theirs is the original purantan maryada!

    The reality is the Sikh maryada was evolving more towards Sikh teachings from the Guru Granth sahib.The Khalsa Divan made an attempt in 1913, by publishing the united maryada. Many parts of this maryada were later incorporated into the current national Rehat maryada. This united the community with uniformity, and common understandable practices.This gives very little room,for manipulation and distortion, for maryadas to flourish as they like prior to 1930s.

    The fact this SRM is now for a major review through agreed panthic channels is a different story.It is NOT open for terrorist type and misled groups like SGGSA etc to dictate changes to the common Sikhs.These are opportunists groups,groups who specialise on lies, like their FIVE LIE SYNDROME; are not even honest in the use of their name. If indeed they are so convinced by their mistaken believe, WHY don’t the rename as S Bachitter Natak academy? They lie to attract simple Sikhs. Now that the cat is out of the bag, they should come clean and rename themselves Bachiter Natka academy with honesty, if indeed they are so honest, and truthful as they claim!!!!!

    It is odd too, that this book, is NOT even named Dsm Granth on the old copies that now remain. Three of them. It is referred to as Bachiter natka, that too written on the contents page.

    It was given the name dsm after the corrections by man to the alledged “guru” writings by a man, Manna Singh – to mislead the Sikhs. Over the years many fools who have NOT even read this book are misleading others, based on hearsay.

    The bottom line, is the Guru Never said his book should should be revered, as there was no such book in the times of the Guru. This book came about 80 years later, and it took another almost 80 years for it to be known.

    The Sikhs community of Perlis, and Gurduara Sahib Kangar, which I have visited many many times, as some of my family lived there one time, ought to be congratulated. They have taken the PATH of the Guru Granth Sahib, not false mistaken belief of their own, or of one mad man, who may be obsessed with Guru Gobind Singh all for the WRONG reasons. This person is even teaching false books like suraj parkash , which are simply written and copied from heresay!!!!!

    Well done, Sr Pritipal Singh JI, and the utmost respected sangat of Perlis.P erlis, could have been Sikh owned, if only , the brits had not interfere, in 1930s.

    Guru rakha, Sikhs of Perlis…or more aptly known as “…PURLASS”…among the old Punjabis!

  3. IT gladdens the heart to see this Movement gaining gorund so rapidly..despite many attempts to fail it..denigrate its sevadaars and such underhand methods…Kudos to Asia Samachar for being a good Media Partner to this Revival of Singh Sabha Movement…