Karminder, MGC get solid support from Selayang gurdwara leadership


| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2 Jan 2017 Asia Samachar |

He’s back as though nothing had happened.

Two weeks after an attempted assault when his car was hit by a brick after a lecture session at Gurdwara Sahib Selayang, Dr Karminder Singh turns up at the gurdwara for a talk upon another invitation of the gurdwara.

Dr Karminder, a senior civil servant and an active Sikh volunteer parcharak, yesterday (1 Jan 2017) spoke on the topic ‘Sikhi, Parents and Family’.

The evening session, sponsored by the family of the gurdwara management committee president Gurmit Singh, went on smoothly, with sumptous food, including mithey chaul (swettened rice) and dehi bhaley served for Guru Ka Langgar.

“We just want to forward on in harmony. That’s my new year prayer for the Sikh community here,” Gurmit tells Asia Samachar when met after the programme.

At the end of the programme, the Selayang gurdwara leadership even took a photograph with Dr Karminder and some of the key executives from the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC).

It was a different story on 16 Dec 2016. During a talk on the ‘Ek Granth, Ek Panth, Ek Maryada’ in the gurdwara’s darbar sahib, the talk was twice interrupted by two Sikh men on the pretext of raising questions. When driving home after the session, two men on a motorcycle swung a brick at Dr Karminder’s car, in what is believed to be an attempted assault to cow him from sharing his thoughts on the Sikh faith.

‘Ek Granth, Ek Panth, Ek Maryada’, a slogan mooted by the MGC, is meant to promote the centrality of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS).

The incident was followed by a number of conflicting reports on the social media, with some versions later turning out to be untrue.

“It was interesting to see how some of our Sikh brothers and sisters reacted to the incident. Some had gleefully shared versions that were not at all honest about the incident,” said one Sikh present.



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  1. THe issue is NOT abt taking side with Selayang or Dr KS.The issue here is clearly standing with the PANTHIC view.

    The Panthic View starts with E$K from Guru Nanak JIgoes on with EK GUR SHABAD Vichar, to Eka in the panth from and in all aspects.Of course the Ek Granth and Ek Granth and EKI maryada are foundations of the yearni9ng for UNITY in the community.

    Don’t let traducers like Anurag, harnaak, or the SGGSA , who have turned their backs on their ONE Guru, and looking for a step father,and wish Sikhs to be enslavend with outdated snatani stone worshipping, and porno lovers, and abusers of women with strange sex lessons, that should be outdated in todays world, and which the Gurus threw out of the window, fool you.

    These brainwashed fellows, are clutching to straws, their lap doggies, are frustrated without any knowledge, but use foul filthy mouthed oral obsecenities, and intimidation are NOTHING but as the word goes lowest pariahed individuals.

    Let us move the Ek GrantH Ek Panth and Ek Maryada, a notch up, by fully committing to it and propagating courageously, for it.

    Guru rakha

  2. With the Parkash of Guru Nanak ji, AAD GURU in APRIL 1469, our Father and Founder of the Nirmal Panth as described by Bhai Gurdass Ji in His Vaars..Mitee Dhunddh jaag channanhoyah….and Mariah sikkah jagat vich NIRMAL PANTH Challiyah, a revolutionary new Gyaan straight from the Source..again..Jaisee mein aveh KHASAM KI BANI taissrrah kareen GYAAN ve Lalo…this brand new gyaan swept across the plains and the mountains like a Gyaan ki Ayee AANDHEE and all the previous veds, purans, simrtees, pramparas, janeuas and teeraths fasts and rituals yogs and siddhs, shradhs and etc etc etc were all swept aside like blades of grass. Guru nanak ji spent a large part of his earthly life walking the four corners of the earth to spread this new gyaan and engage the top religious bodies and top religious authorities schoalrs yogis, siddhs, Masters etc to explain his new ways and totally REJECTED the old ways lock stock and barrel.
    This was such a huge undertaking thta unlike all the previous religions, this couldnot be completed in one human lifetime and thus Guru nanak ji once more chose a New Paath…AAPEH GUR CHELA..He chose a sikh successor, bypassing blood lines and established prampras and chose a SIKH and BOWED TO HIM, passing him the treasures of GURBANI that He had collected form all four corners of the world and also composed in his own handwriting. This POTHI SAHIB was passed to the Chela that was now GURU, Bhai Lehnna Ji as GURU ANGAD SAHIB JI……and this new tradition was again repeated whne the Second Guru again bypassed blood relations and chose a SIKH as his chosen successor..Bhai Amardass Ji a SIKH became GURU AMARDASS JI and received the POTHI SAHIB with the additionak Gurbani written by Guru Angad sahib Ji.
    This Prampara continued with yet another SIKH Bhai Jetha Ji being annointed GURU and gifted the Pothi Sahib ji as the sign of GURU SHIP..Guru ramdass Ji to Guru Arjun Ji who wrote so much Gurbani that He is lovingly called Bani ka Bohitha – Ship of Gurbani. Guru Arjun Ji formally placed the POTHI SAHIB on the HIGHEST PEDESTAL in the DARBAR SAHIB and henceforth Guru Arjun ji never slept higher than the POTHI SAHIB (now named AAD GRANTH SAHIB) as its size was now considerable. Baba Budha Ji was appointed the First Granthi Sahib to do parkash and read out the daily HUKMNAMAH from the AAD GRANTH SAHIB while Guru Arjun Ji and the sikhs sat in attendance and performed kirtan and kathas.
    2. Two facts emerge from this – the GURU was the person who had the GURBANI and Gurbani in the AAD GRANTH was the reason the AAD GRANTH was placed HIGHER even by the living Human Guru Guru Arjun JI Sahib. Thus the AAD GRANTH being the repository of the Illahi Gurbani..Dhur Ki bani..jin saglee chint mitayee…Bani GURU..GURU hai bani..vich bani AMRIT SAREH !!! Look carefully at the word SAREH..it means ALL….meaning NOTHING left OUTSIDE the GURBANI ( AAD GRANTH SAHIB)
    Devout Sikhs made hundreds of copies of this AAD GRANTH SAHIB….GURU TEG BAHADUR ji also wrote GURBANI – not just in one Raag but in 30+1 = 31 Raags….so Mahlla nauvahn has Gurbani in each and evEry Raag of Gurbani plus one extra Raag Jaijawantee Raag !! This meant that when GURU GOBIND SINGH JI reconstituted the aad GRANTH SAHIB, to add the Gurbani of his father Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, Mahalla nauvahn was added to each Raag Pothi in the aad Granth sahib….BUT two vital points to remember here. 1. GURU GOBIND SINGH Ji did not change the specially selected SHABADS in the First 13 Pages of the Granth Sahib..that selection was done by Guru Arjun Ji Sahib…and 2. Guru Gobind Singh Ji did not change the placing of the CLOSING SEAL…MUNDAWNNI MAHALLA PANJVAAHN and the CONCLUIDNG SLOK ….SLOK MAHALLA PANJVAHN. tHIS WAS TO KEEP INTACT THE BEAUTY OF THE NEWLY DECLARED sri aad guru granth sahib ji…WHICH BEGINS WITH SLOK AAD SACH JUGAAD SAACH NANAK HOSEE BHEE SACH AND CONCLUDES WITH SLOK MH: 5 !! WHAT AMAZING SYMMETRY…ARRANGEMENT. GURU GOBIND SINGH REARRANGED THE ENTIRE AAD GRANTH WITH ADDITION OF GURBANI OF MAHALLA NAUVHAN AND RENAMED IT SRI AAD GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI AS THE SOLE AND ONLY REPOSITORY OF THE ILLAHI GURBANI, DHUR KI BANI AYEE JIN SAGLEE CHINT MITAYEE AND THE BANI THATS GURU AND HAS SAREH AMRIT.
    GURU GOBIND SINGH completed the Divine Mission of Guru nanak Ji the Founder father by Parkash of the KHALSA on the Paraksh Ushtav day of Guru nanak ji in APRIL 1699.. the Compleat Man – the Khalsa Man !! Saint and Soldier in One Man !! Vasakhi 1699 was chosen precisely because of the IMPORTANCE it held as the Parkash day of Guru nanak ji AAD GURU who was sent for this Divine Mission by Akal Purakh.
    Guru nanak Ji had revelaed that His GURU is SHABAD GURU…the successors certified this prampara..Guru Arjun ji made the AAD GRANTH the repository of the SHABAD GURU and placed it HIGHER thna his living Body and also made the supreme sacrifice of his life in defence of its INTEGRITY and save it from adulterations and alterations.
    Guru Gobind Singh Ji bowed to the Sri AAD GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI as the final successor to the Gurgadee of the House of NANAK JI. Guru Gobind Singh ji ordained that henceforth there will be none..except..SABH SIKHANN KO HUKM HAI..GURU MANIO GRANTH (AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SHAIB JI MAHARAJ) AND NONE ELSE. NO SMALLER, NO LOWER, NO LEFT NO RIGHT, NO THIS NO THAT…NO EXCEPTIONS…BANI GURU GURU HAI BANI..VICH BANI AMRIT SAREH….not kujh, not thorreh jiheh…SAREH !!! TOTALITY…in the ONE and ONLY GURU GRANTH..and one Maryada to only bow to this ONE GURU as has been followed form Guru nanak jis time…and One Panth..the Guru Khalsa Panth.
    The GURU has given HIS HUKM..its not up to us to make choices..GURBANI is in the GURU..and the GURU is aad sri guru grnath sahib ji….the ONE and ONLY EK !!! no doojah no teejah..no chhottah no neevahn..no khabbah no sajjah. Thats all….hamara jhaggrrah kisseh naal nahin…we have only ONE GURU as per His HUKM.

  3. Salute Selayang Baru Gurdwara Sahib Sadhsanggat united support for Sardar Karminder S and MGC and hereby we, in the south Jakarta Gurdwara Sahib also stand behind you all in supporting your noble cause. United we Stand. Jo bole Sohnihal, Sat sri Akal.
    Balwant Singh Jakarta.

  4. Let us get one thing VERY clear the ek panth ek granth is not mooted for the first time,in Malaysia,but had been around from time to time in Punjab ,sometimed not exactly in the same words.

    Such slogans were recorded in Singh Sabha movement,then in 1920’s in the newly created Lyallpur and Sheikupura regions by the Sikh agitating against the halal food supplied in the Punjab assembly.

    The current crop of gangster mentality ,riding motor bikes throwing bricks like criminals is so ignorant by choice that they do not understand the grammer of Punjabi language;as to what this call for ek granth ek panth implies.

    By when minds are brainwashed ,reasoning in those minds ceases at the simplest logic.

    Self intimidation,lost of self esteem takes over like it happened with the Nazis and red chinese.

    This is exactly what is taking place in a small group of miscreants here.

    An ego led man spents one year in india comes back with a bag of cultist ideas,gullibles buy it lock barrel and key and begin to think they have discovered something we have known for years;200 years,and each guru loving has rejected it as venom against Guru ji and the Panth.

    While the evil seed that started this cancerous disease is laughing quietly and enjoyingthe gullible morobs are raving and raging on verge of criminallity.

    Such movements have never succeeded and never will against message of Guru and Ek Panth ,Ek Granth ,Guru Granth sahib,which has no relative or younger brother like uneducated fools preach.

    It is a message of the Gurus that can only be alive,if Sikhs can adopt and house within the self and live accordingly,as Guru instructed by otderng Guru Maniyo Granth,which is none other than GURU Granth.

  5. was there last night, a very good program. sangat and gurduara parbandaks are very supportive all were in good spirits ushering the new year – Bravo. Dr Karminder’s Gurbani Vichar talk was on family values.

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