Kuala Lumpur to host next annual Global Sikh Council meeting

| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 21 Jan 2017 | Asia Samachar |

Some 50 Sikh leaders and scholars from more than a dozen countries will be converging in Kuala Lumpur for a global Sikh meeting in March 2017.

This will be the first ever conference in the Southeast Asia by the Global Sikh Council (GSC), which ropes in national Sikh organisations as members.

“The agenda is in process of being developed,” GSC president Gulbarg Singh, a respresentative from the United States, told Asia Samachar in a recent email.

GSC’s annual meeting for 2016 held in Paris, France, from March 18-20, was attended by representatives from 20 countries, including Malaysia. At the meeting, it called on Sikh organisations to unite under the banner of ‘One Granth One Panth’, promote the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib, take guidance from the 1945 Sikh Rehat Maryada (SRM) and accept the 1999-version of the Nanakshahi calendar.

Asked about the topics to be discussed at the three-day conference from March 24-26, he said: “Some of the thoughts shared so far are: Continued tolerance of disrespect of the SGGS by the SGPC and DSGMC. interpretations of the Sikh Rehat Maryada, discussion on Hinduisation of Sikh philosophy.

“Of course the general body will add some further details into the Constitution/Bylaws and select new Sewadar Jatha for the 2017-2018 year.”

Asked why Malaysia was chosen as the next venue for its meeting, Gulbarg said GSC chooses country for its next meeting based on geographical region and it had not held a meeting in this region.

He added that Malaysia had volunteered to be host for the 2017 meeting and was selected.

In one recent statement, GSC said it was formed to meet the modern day needs of the growing Sikh community spread all over the globe.

GSC describes itself as a worldwide Sikh organization with membership of national level Sikh organizations from various countries, from around the globe.

“In its structural formation, no one in its leadership role is either a self-appointed leader or an agent of any political party, religious clergy, or governmental agency. Its representatives are selected by the member organizations to form the General Body of the Global Sikh Council. The member representatives in turn select the Board, and the Executive Committee. Therefore its leadership is answerable only to its member organizations, and not to any un-connected self-appointed groups of clergy, or agents of any political or governmental agencies,” it said in a statement in August 2016.

GSC founding members are National Sikh Council of Australia, Federation of Sikh Societies of Canada, Pakistan Sikh Council, Malaysian Gurdwaras Council, Network of Sikh Organizations – UK and World Sikh Council – America Region.

The GSC leadership team include Lady Kanwaljit Kaur Singh (UK) as its vice president, Davinder Singh Eari (Kenya) as secretary, Dalbir Singh (Italy) as the treasurer and Gurdial Singh (France) for media and public relations.


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  1. Excellent idea and move.Funnily some frustrated on a so called gur vichar is cooking up baseless propoganda against this conferance .

    One simpleton,wondered if writing to akal takhat would stop this conferance?

    Yes,it is just a matter of time,the akal takhat would put a stop to mad man anurog ,his accompanying liars and the deliberate destruction that jhoothnaak has embarked upon

    I have been informed the sangat in Glasgow gurduara was also misled by the King Liar from the sggsa in KL

    Gurvichar is run by a individual who had molested a female child…..perhaps reading too much charitropakhyan