Teaching critical thinking at Sikh family day camps

| Malaysia | 24 Jan 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Dr Harjinder Singh Dilgeer (left) and Bibi Inderpal Kaur

Critical thinking and problem solving skills guided by the Sikh teachings will be key elements at a series of family day camps to be rolled out at various gurdwaras in Malaysia in February.

One-day camps will be held at gurdwaras in Seremban (4 Feb), Kajang (5 Feb) and Klang (9 Feb) while a bigger two-day camp will take place Tatt Khalsa Diwan Selangor on Fe 11-12.

“Critical thinking is one skills that we need to develop within our community. It can be used to solve many of our religious issues as well issues we confront in our day to day lives. It’s a vital skill for all,” Coalition of Malaysian Sikh Organisations (CMSO) secretary general Autar Singh tells Asia Samachar.

“The camps will help participants to tackle daily issues and challenges from the Sikh perspective, with guidance from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.”

The family day camps, entitled Leadership of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, are organised by the CMSO in collaboration with various gurdwaras.

Speakers involved at the two-day Tatt Khalsa camp are Sikh author and parcharak Dr Harjinder Singh Dilgeer, Toronto-based health practitioneer and active Sikh speaker Bibi Inderpal Kaur and Kuala Lumpur-based Sikh parcharak Dr Karminder Singh.

Dr Harjinder is the author of 10 volume Complete History of the Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib translation in English (7 volumes) and is in the process of compiling Encyclopedia (New Mahan Kosh) of Sikh literature.

Inderpal actively conducts Gurmat classes in Toronto, Canada. She also appears on Masti TV, a Toronto-based Sikh station, discussing issues from the Gurbani perspective.

There are many videos capturing their presentations on various Sikh topics on the Youtube.

UPDATED (28 Jan 2017): Dr Harjinder Singh Dilgeer is unable to attend the forum due to a clash of programmes



| 11-12 Feb 2017 | Tatt Khalsa Diwan KL |

Day 1: 11 Feb 2017 (Sat)
10am: Ardas
10.10-10.40am: Kirtan
10.40am-12.00pm: Talk by Dr Karminder Singh
12.00-1pm: Lunch
1.00-2.00pm: Talk by Dr Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
2.00-3.00pm: Talk by Bibi Inderpal Kaur
3.00-4.00pm: Q&A
4pm: Tea and closing.

Day 2: 12 Feb 2017 (Sun)
10am: Ardas
10.10-10.40am: Kirtan by Balvinder Singh
10.40am-11.40pm: Talk by Dr Karminder Singh
11.45am-12.45pm: Talk by Dr Harjinder Singh Dilgeer
12.45-1.30pm: Lunch
1.30-2.45pm: Talk by Bibi Inderpal Kaur – LADIES SPECIAL
2.45-4.00pm: Q&A
4pm: Tea and closing.

For information for Tatt Khalsa programme, call Harbans Singh 013.3301011, Autar Singh 012.2055011


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  1. Kulwan sian what one has to be beware is bachitrri thinking and their rakhels ..what Guru Nanak did when he rejected janeus ..was a result of critical thinking . ..What Guru Gobind Singh ..Did by establishing guru granth was critical action a bedrock of gurbani and discipline.

    The plenty of scope to deny is seen in the friends of yours .the bachitrus .abd sggsa …Who deny their own father …and wish to adopt a lafange father in Bn

  2. Critical thinking is important, but it is not the bedrock of Gurmat. There is plenty of scope to deny that a “God” even exists if you apply critical thinking. Beware of this.

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