Former Senator Daljit, Putrajaya ENT head Dr Balwinder get state titles

 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 2 Feb 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Daljit Singh and wife Sanjit Kaur. The Malaysian Punjabi Chambers of Commerce and Industries received the Datuk Seri title – PHOTO / SUPLIED

Malaysian Punjabi Chambers of Commerce and Industries (MPCCI) president Daljit Singh received the Datuk Seri title while consultant surgeon Dr Balwinder Singh received the Datuk title in conjunction with the Federal Territory day.

They were among the 375 recipients of awards and medals presented by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V at Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur on 1 Feb 2017.

Daljit was one of the 19 recipients, who included a Federal minister and three secretary generals of Federal ministries, to receive the Darjah Kebesaran Seri Mahkota wilaya (SMW).

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The former one-term former senator, who won a seat in Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) central working committee (CWC) in the 2015 party elections, is also a director of the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board. He had led Malaysian travel trade players and state tourism authorities to India and Bangladesh in recent months.

Dr Balwinder, a trustee of Gurdwara Sahib High Street in Kuala Lumpur, was one of the 76 individuals who received the Panglima Mahkota Wilayah (PMW) award which carries the title ‘Datuk’.

Son of policeman Saroop Singh, Dr Balwinder is a consultant surgeon and head of ear, nose and throat (ENT) department at the Putrajaya Hospital since 2000. He also chairs a number of national committees related to rhinology and sleep disorders. His wife Daljeet Kaur is a deputy director in the Ministry of Education.

Another recipient for the Datuk title is Umang Sharma, chairman of Consortium of Indian Industries in Malaysia (CIIM).

The CIIM founder chairman since its inception in 2005 has been actively working with both the Malaysian and Indian Governments in promoting bilateral trade and investments between Malaysia and India, according to a statemet from the consortium.

He is also the Director & CEO of Bry-Air Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a manufacturing company involved in the manufacturing of dehumidifiers and energy conservation systems for green buildings. Its manufacturing plant in Bangi, Selangor, caters for Asean market.

The state titles like Datuk Seri and Datuk, awarded by the Federal and state governments, are much coveted titles in Malaysia. However, in the recent years, Malaysians have began questioning the selection criteria as some of the recipients were found wanting in their contributions while some others were either linked to criminal activities or were suspected to have paid for the titles.

ENT specialist Dr Balwinder Singh and wife Daljeet Kaur – PHOTO / SUPPLIED


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  1. Vaheguru ji, Congrats, satgur ki sewa safal hai je ko kere chit laye, your tireless effort for the community , family and the nation has been rewarded accordingly. Dhan satche patshah for this blessings. Best wishes from my family to firstly both your parents , sdr.sarrop singh and your family. Sincerely , Madm.Taljit Kaur w/o Santokh singh – ex footballer. Rab rakha, Dr ji ! Rab sarya da bhala kere. Both your parents are very lucky to have a son like you. Keep up the good work.God bless.

  2. Vaheguru ji, congrats for your valuable service and a notable person and thank Satguru above all for this notable gift to the Sikh Community. You have done the Sikh community and the nation proud thank you almighty vaheguru for your daswand. Dhan Sache patshah. You have indeed helped the Sikh Community and done the nation proud. From Santokh Singh(ex-national and international footballer) keep up the good work and best wishes from our family to both of your parents and your family for all the good work, dr ji. Cherish the true word of naam and you will be gifted with abundance.vjkfjf


    Sukhdave Singh: Congratulations. I understand Datuk Dr Balwinder Singh ji made significant contribution towards sleep apnea research in Malaysia apart from being an excellent ENT surgeon in the government service. Not many can emulate his contributions and I am proud of this.

    Birjit Singh: I will congratulate datuk DR ji balwinder for his contribution to the sick Malaysian people. . He has done a good job in the government sector 2 deserve this title. . My best wishes to datuk balwinder. .
    BUT NOT Daljit singh. . He has done nothing significant to the people or the country. . Give me just 1 thing he has contributed? It’s just getting absurd where datuk ship is just being contributed 2 anybody. . Work for your community and serve from your heart truly. . Our sikh community is small. We will know what another sikh has done or not with ease. . Anyways that’s the way goes here in Malaysia. . Good luck to our future generations. .

    DaljeetBalwinder Dhalio: WJKWJF. Dearest AsiaSamachar, relatives, friends, sikh brothers and sisters near and far. We are truly humbled by all the support, kind messages and well wishes from all of you especially even those who do not know Dr Balwinder. WAHEGURU DI KIRPA…blessings from ALMIGHTY comes in many forms. We also understand many others equally deserve such recognition by the government. Thank you and may WAHEGURU’s blessings be upon all of us always.Lots of love from us here in Putrajaya. WJKWJF?

    Avtar Singh Frwa: Congratulations to Datuk Seri Daljit Singh and Datuk Dr. Balwinder Singh. Proud moments for the Sikhs.

    Hb Singh: Vedhaiyaa! Continue serving country and community.

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