Gurdwara committee firm on expelling disruptors

“No one can stop Gurbani vichar (discourse) of SGGS ji in gurdwara. We will be having more programs soon.” - HARBANS SINGH KALEKE, Gurdwara Sahib Lembah Jaya

| Ampang, Malaysia | 19 Feb 2017 | Asia Samachar |
Harbans Singh Kaleke: Lembah Jaya gudwara management committee president – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

Gurdwara parbandhaks must not be cowed by the rowdy behaviour of a few Sikhs trying to disrupt darbar sahib programmes in light of the recent ejection of two Sikhs from a gurdwara in Selangor.

“Carry on with the vichaar of Shabad, carry on with the discussions on Sri Guru Granth Sahib,” Gurdwara Sahib Lembah Jaya gurdwara management committee (GMC) president Harbans Singh Kaleke tells Asia Samachar.

“No one can stop Gurbani vichar (discourse) of SGGS ji in gurdwara. We will be having more programs soon.”

On 12 Feb 2017, Lembah Jaya gurdwara management team was confronted with an incident where a Sikh youth stood up and disrupted an on-going sermon by an invited speaker Dr Karminder Singh by loudly saying the Sikh greeting before trying to lambast the speaker. He was escorted out of the darbar sahib by a GMC member.

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Moments later, another Sikh was asked to leave the darbar sahib when he was alleged to have made a scene when he confronted Harbans on the move to eject the first youth.

It is understood that the underlying issue is connected to the objection of a certain segment of the Sikh community to the Ek Granth Ek Panth Ek Maryada slogan mooted by the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC), a council representing a majority of the 120 gurdwaras in the country.

There have been various comments on the slogan on the social media, with some of them seen to be blatantly twisting facts and even peddling lies.

“We have to put a STOP now for this actors. They have been doing this without FEAR of Guru Ji & Sanggat, no shame and with No respect. !!! There was ONLY Shabad verchar being conducted,” Harbans said in a comment via the Faceboook.

When Asia Samachar ran the news report on the incident at Lembah Jaya, Harbans had shared the following comment via the Facebook:

“You are called Chur when you come to gurdwara with Bad Intention as to steal golok, revenge or bad mouth. This program is on SGGS Ji. A gurdwara is the place for Gurbani Vechar. and the Vechar is on Shabad. Suddenly someone gets up and raise his voice with No respect to sanggat and Guru Ji and not relevant to Gurbani. So we told him politely to give his most respect to SGGS Ji. If he is not happy than to move out. And during Q&A to raise his doubts.

The Gurdwara is in the Hands of Parbandak Committee and we managed it. We r fully in charge.

He raised his voice in the presence of SGGS ji and his intention is to stop the Vechar. But we told him politely to leave as NOT to cause further ruckus.

Let me remind Malaysia Sikhs, we don’t want incident happening in Canada to happen in Malaysia. Kirpan attack in Darbar Sahib.

No one can stop Gurbani Verchar from SGGS ji in a Gurdwara and we will be having more programs soon. Churs are not welcomed. Come to Gurdwara as A Sikh. To learn and understand Gurbani. By the way, Ampang Sanggat and management Committee are very United. So Mr Chur, no more problems from you in Ampang. Gurfateh Ji.”


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  1. It is sad that ignorance of Punjabi language and greater ignorance of Gurbani and being misled by liars from Sggsa,and directed by aliens like Anurogi,these rascally rowdy individuals as seen Gurduara Sahib Lembah Jaya and a video of alleged similar hooliganistic burning of Guru shabad on a banner ,reflects the degraded and dysfunctional mentality of uncivilised sub humans

    The sangat of Lembah Jaya,under its able and gurmukh President Sr Harbans Singh should be congratulated for upholding the sanctity of the suprene Guru Darbar of Guru Granth Sahib.Salutations to them.

    Other Gurduaras and sangats,along with their President should follow the same course of action against these moral-less,uncouth and cloddish ignorant rowdy individuals,who are anti sikhi and anti Guru; uncivilised vermins,should they turn up in any other Gurduaras.

    These are polluted,mentally deranged ISIS type cancerous infects,that has been spread by sggsa and it’s equally venomously destable leader,who is certainly lying with falsehood and in the pay of foreign oraganisations like RSS,and other Guru and Panth nindaks like anurogi .

    Having acted faithfully,and forced to throw out such rowdies the sangat of every Guruduara,disrupted by these ill vermins,should lodge police reports:and litigate criminal charges against them.Unless this is done,these subnormals and those instigating them,think they can freely behave as rowdies with impunity.

    Wake up sangat ji,unless fearless action is taken against these criminally inclined ,they will continue to disrupt and intimidate the sangat.

    When a number of such crminal charges and police reports are made they will realise,who is the lost rowdy.

  2. Well said and done Sardar Harbans Singh Ji. I witnessed this incident and there was no option but to show them the door. Their actions were pre planned not only to disrupt but to show no respect for SGGS Ji. There is no place for these two uncouth characters in our society whose identity is now known to the whole community.

  3. Gurfateh.
    Gurdwara Sahib KLANG have the Honour of Beginning this Movement for total RESPECT to AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI via the EK OANGKAAR _ EK GRANTH, EK PANTH, EK MARYADA launched globally by the Global Sikh Council and locally by the Malaysian Gurdwaras Council representing more than 120 Gurdwaras. Gurdwara Sahib KLANG has hosted these Talks and Critical Thinking Family Day Camps twice.
    Next to follow suit was Gurdwara Sahib SEREMBAN (Twice) , Gurdwara sahib Sungei Besi Shhappahn, Gurdwara sahib WADDAH GURDWARA IPOH, Gurdwara sahib ASHBY Road Ipoh, Gurdwara sahib Bayan Baru PENANG, Gurdwara Sahib Kuala Pilah, Melaka Vidyala, Gurdwara Sahib RAWANG, Gurdwara Sahib SELAYANG (twice), Gurdwara Sahib KAJANG (full day family camp and Talks)….Gurdwara Sahib MUAR..Gurdwara sahib AMPANG LEMBAH JAYA ..Gurdwara Sahibs in the Eastern Malaysian towns of Kota Kinabalu, etc etc etc…
    This Movement is being MISREPRESENTED by foreign based miscreants in New Delhi, India , New Zealand, etc etc and deliberately misleading Malaysian Youth and sangats. The One and Only MOTIVE of this Movement is consolidate and UNITE the Malaysian Sikhs behind the One and Only GURU, the AAD SRI GURU GRANH SAHIB JI as the only GRANTH bestowed Gurgadee and thus the onely One allowed the Gurdwara PROTOCOL of Plaki, chandoa, palkhan rumalleh chaur, parkash carry on the Head, matha tekked to. NO other SECONDARY BOOK regardeless of who ist author is cna be accorded this PROTOCOL whcih is RESERVED only for AAD SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI MAHARAJ.
    The Sanggats are jagrook and awake to any attempts to derail this initiative to UNITE the Sikhs behind the Guru. The Committee and President of Lembah jaya Gurdwara has done commendably to satnd up and be counted instead of getting cowed by a vocal MINORITY.

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