Tatt Khalsa acts in violation of its constitution


| Letter | 25 June 2017 | Asia Samachar |

It has been brought to my attention at the last AGM of TKDS [Tatt Khalsa Diwan Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur] in respect to election of member to the Management committee 2 members who are holding office in other Gurdwara were nominated and elected to hold position of office bearers in TKDS. It is general knowledge who this 2 members are.

This is a breach of clause 10 of TKDS constitution which disqualifies any member for nomination if he is holding office in any Gurdwara. I understand the 2 office bearers have offered to resign but the President has refused to accept their resignations thereby putting TKDS at risk of investigation by ROS if a complaint is made to them.


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  1. Why is there no response from GMC and its Ptesident as silence may give credesance to the accusation? Is TKD GMC waiting for some one to make a report TO ROS or Police?
    If matter solved then it should be pubished in AS.
    Gur Fateh

  2. Does this also apply to a person holding position in PJ Gurdwara S and also on S Welfare SM?
    Gur Fateh

  3. First question
    Why did the two give their consent to be nominated? Were they not aware of the TKDS Constitution requirements?
    How were their nominations approved by the Nomonations Committee and/or was it also ignorant of the Constitution?
    Why was this not raised during the AGM and it would appear that members normally depend on the Nominations Committee?
    Why did the President reject their resignation reques?
    Names of the two should be disclosed. Also what does the Constitution of the other Gurdwara Sahib Ji say regarding holding of multiple Mrmberships in MGT CTEE of other Gurdwara Sahib Ji ?
    Gur Fateh

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