Slam dunk for snapchat series mocking turbaned Sikh

| Colorado, US | 26 June 2017 | Asia Samachar |


Naureen Singh came out firmly, but fiercely, the series of snapchats mocking a Sikh man in the background during a flight.

“That same turban you fear is worn by an individual who if you ever were in trouble or facing hardship….would be the first to come help you and serve you,” she writes on a Facebook posting.

Naureen, now a director at Colorado Sikhs, was a former intern for the White House initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Here is her entry and some comments on her page. By the way, Naureen’s father is the highest ranking US officer in the Army with a turban.

HATEFUL: Some of the hate messages posted by a student on Snapchat, mocking a turbaned Sikh on the same flight

By Naureen Singh

Andrew Locker, I have debated long and hard about writing this post because I don’t even know where to begin. My blood is boiling as I type this post because of not only how ignorant it is, but also how cruel you can be to a complete stranger while on a plane.

That same turban you fear is worn by an individual who if you ever were in trouble or facing hardship….would be the first to come help you and serve you. That man you took snaps of while he was sleeping is a Sikh, but more importantly, is a human being. It frankly doesn’t matter what religion he practices, he deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. This man you decided to make a cruel joke of is someone who looks similar to my father and my brother. In many ways, you attacked a member of my family.

At first, I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe you made a mistake and didn’t know … heck I do that all the time. But you continue to present yourself as someone who is “sick of Twitter drama” and aren’t racist…While this is a simple social media post, I’ve seen things like this escalate to murders and hate crimes. The principal of your high school isn’t owning up & your friends keep defending you… all I can say is this…

My faith, Sikhism, has taught me about the oneness amongst us all, to love unconditionally, and to serve humanity. Although you have angered me a great deal, if I ever met you, I will still treat you with kindness… Even more importantly, I am sure this gentleman who you mocked online will do the exact same. If you ever read this post, hit me up. I will gladly educate you about Sikhism. All you gotta do is ask.

It’s 2017, lets start moving towards an America that isn’t so awful and cruel all the time.

Donny M: I think it was the right decision to write the post. Things won’t get better the more we sweep this stuff under the rug. You did a good thing by kindly, but sternly, correcting him.

Liz W: Ditto to all who commented. I think what needs to happen is for this country to get to know the Colorado Springs Singhs. They are so loving, fun, intelligent, full of integrity and impossible not to love. Naureen, between your Mom and Dad, sister and brother and you, I have nothing but respect for your passion and actions that actually make the world a better place. Brava and please don’t stop!!!❤Asha B: Its always the ignorance of some to make it dirty for all. Shame on the ones who are so petty to be making these sort of havocs in the civilized society. We have some narrow minded ignorants in our church also. No matter what they are stubborn to hear about respect,understanding,and the knowledge base theories. Beautifully written post here. Respect you for raising this on the social media.

Avik D: Well written and I am glad you did express yourself so well! Little to these ignorant people with extremely low IQ like Andrew Locker know about the bravery, honesty and generosity of Sikhs!

Vip H: That’s very sad but not at all surprising! You’re response was on point! However I think that it may be falling on death ears. The power of white privilege allows white people to view themselves and their lineage as “normal” no matter how their ancestors migrated to the US. So anyone that doesn’t fall into that near little normal box initiates uneasiness perpetuated by ignorance and fear of the unknown or abnormal! Thank you for the education on Sikhism Naureen Singh

Kelly J: I am so sorry didi. I love you. When I see anyone with a turban it makes me smile, because so far every one that I’ve had the blessing to meet has been the most kind humanitarian, (and they remind me of your family and how amazing YOU are). Keep doing you and educating America. You make a huge difference in the world. I stand beside you. ♡

Suhana D: These issues need to be addressed and talked about to make a change. We can’t cover it under the rug and keep quiet about these shameful acts. Kudos for the article Naureen.

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