Apology note from Dr Manjit Singh Sidhu


Without Prejudice

This is to inform the general Sikh sangat that the information given on page 66 of the book ’Pride of Lions’ is incorrect. The Sikh Educational Fund set up by the late Dr. Tara Singh of Seremban retains its original name. According to the present President Dato Dr. Surinder Singh Cheema, the fund has never changed the name or ownership. The information given to me by the past president, Ir Dalip Singh, was incorrect. The wrong information given is regrettable. The objectable lines in the books unsold will be deleted. I offer my sincere apology to the President of the said fund.

Dr. Manjit Singh Sidhu.

[The note above, received by Asia Samachar via email, was confirmed by the sender]


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Pride of Lions (Asia Samachar, 28 Oct 2017)


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  1. Syabas. Hope what you have written in the apology is correct. It is important in life to apologise sincerely the moment we have found we have made a mistake. More important we must make every effort not to repeat that mistake. Thank you.