Fears for welfare of Jagtar Singh Johal ‘tortured’ by Indian police – Report

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The British Foreign Office has requested consular access to check the welfare of a Scot arrested in India who campaigners say has been tortured by police.

Jagtar Singh Johal from Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire, was detained in Jalandhar in the state of Punjab on November 4, reports The Times.

The Sikh Federation UK said no official charges had yet appeared, but it had been reported in India that Mr Johal’s arrest was linked to the killing of Hindu leaders in Punjab, added the British newspaper report.

Mr Johal, who got married in India in October, has told lawyers he has been tortured with “body separation techniques and electrocution to body parts”.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) said it took allegations of torture “very seriously” and was taking action to check on his welfare, the report said.

Campaigners for the Scottish arrested in India say he has been tortured by police using electrodes, according to an earlier report at Daily Record.

Jagtar was snatched off the street by police officers in Jalandhar in the state of Punjab on November 4. It is claimed he had a sack thrown over his head and was forced into a van by plain-clothes cops.

Mr Johal, who appeared in court earlier on 14 Nov, has now told lawyers he has been tortured with “body separation techniques and electrocution to body parts”.

His brother Gurpreet told STV news: “I am outraged by this. My brother has been tortured and when I saw the pictures from the court he looks emaciated and has lost a lot of weight.


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  1. Oh by the way Angus,it is very obvious your memory runs very short and selfishly,in denial,of factual history.It was a scotsman of ill repute who planted the seed of Sikh problems.

    If you care to read,it has every thing to do with the kidnapping uncouth Dr John Logan of Scotland who kidnapped a young child prince of 7 from Lahore and lived in Dehra Doon for five years before bringing him to live in Menzies House,Perthshire and cunningly ,deviously converting him to christianity.

    The local scots grew very fond of the “black Prince”,f course ad usual showing ignorance of colour!

    So ,as much as u claim it has” nothing to do with scotland”,history is unlikely to agree with you,as a Scotsman,that u or ur were no part of the cause of the lost Sikhdom!

    When chickens of the colonies,many obtained thru fraud means of by the scot,Irish, welsh employees of the sasanachs rule have come home to roost,do not pretend whiter than pale innocence,or assume the rest of the world is oblivion to real facts.

    Scotland and many of its plunderers innitiated such problems.

  2. Bet a sassanach saying that to a scot would amount to English arragonce.

    By the way,u are right,he is an Indian,but a British citizen highlighting human abuses.

    Currently, there is no such legal entity as scottish citzenary!

    For all its who haa,Nicola Sturgeon is NOT Scottish citizen but of Great Britain ,how ever much she and you may detest,for long time to come as yet,just like this Jagtar guy!!!!!!

  3. He’s not a Scot, he’s probably Indian.

    IF he has a grievance with India that’s between him and India, nothing to do with Scotland or the Scots.