Kuantan gurdwara approves women membership

Gurdwara Sahib Kuantan, captured in 2015 – PHOTO / ASIA SAMACHAR

Kuantan gurdwara has taken a huge step forward on gender equality by accepting women as members.

At its annual general meeting (AGM) yesterday (25 March 2018), Gurdwara Sahib Kuantan (GSK) approved a resolution to allow women to become members.

“The resolution takes immediate effect,” GSK committee president Dr Dharshan Singh told Asia Samachar in a text message.

This leaves probably only a handful gurdwaras which still do not allow women to become direct members, though they do not restrict women from exerting their influence in the running of the gurdwaras.

At the AGM, the out going management team led by Dr Dharshan was reelected. This is the fifth consecutive team as the GSK committee president for the dental surgeon.

Also elected was Dr Ovinderjeet Singh as vice president, Sourjan Singh as the secretary and Darshan Singh as treasurer.


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    Surinder Jit Kaur Bal: Guru Nanakji came 500 years ago but Kuantan just woke up.☹

    Baldev Singh: At lest they woke up

    Gurnam Singh Dhaliwal: Only now? Very shocking . Look like they were not following Guru Nanak teaching of gender equality.. Were they misguided?
    In my opinion that some of the so called culture festivals e.g. Lohri/ Rakhri etc are the cause of all this inequality because this festivals makes man superior but what is more shocking is that some ladies insist on maintaining this culture which goes against gender equality . The Sikh ladies need to wake up .

    Sukhveer Singh: Better late than never, and as my good brother Hardev Singh mentioned, let’s list all the other gurdwara that still have this kind of ruling.
    This should be undertaken by the MGC

    Savinder Manjit Randhawa: Gender equality was one of Guru Nanak JI’S teachings.I’m shocked that this was ever an issue all this while.A big shame definitely to be deliberately and blatantly going against his teachings in HIS HOUSE. Anyway better late than never

    Good suggestion.Let all know “” So kio menda aakhea Jin jeme Rajaan”””Good move Bhraji Sukhbeer

    Evelyn Kaur: I had to double check the website. For a moment I thought it was satire. In fact, I’m still not sold that it isn’t.

    Ja Gin Der: You know what’s the biggest irony? Sophia Duleep Singh granddaughter of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a champion of suffrage in England and here we are…but we must credit the committee for progressing forward. It was probably an archaic rule.

    Paritam Grewal: Only now??? Never knew that. Ladies why were u all sleeping all these years ???

    Gurmit Kaur: omg oly now

    Gurcharan Singh: Shame such male chauvinism still exists in 2018.They cannot be Sikhs, as 551 years ago Guru Nanak said, so kyun manda aakhiya jin jme rajan……and ti find such Guruduras where females are a non entity is the shameful.

    I need to explore the status of gurduaras regards membership of females and caste practice before i do any donation in future

    Vishal J Singh: Yeah my thoughts exactly .. only now??? Should have been ok from day one!
    This is completely unacceptable!

    Manmeet Rai: This just doesn’t even make sense. How is this happening in a Sikh religious establishment when this practice was stopped by our first Guruji.

    Jespal Singh Brar: It is silly that some Committees of Gurdwaras in Malaysia restrict women from membership?

    Jeet Grewal: Oh wow was not aware of this . Y such a backward thinking . And our Gurujis gave us equal respect and elevates our status yet this patriarch society wants to go backward .. Jaswant Singh Gill Simi Gill

    Charanjeet Kaur: I m in shock that it was not allowed earlier … But better late than never. Any other gurdwara has this old ruling and have not changed??

    Jashandeep Singh: Bani vich aurat te mard nu ik hi darza ditta hai te gurudwara di committee hun jagi hai
    Savinder Deol Shindi: I think it’s a good start. Thank you to the committee. Yes, it’s shocking for many. But we do not know the circumstances. N I agree with the suggestion to pls check all other gurdwaras which still don’t have ladies as members. Waheguruji bless all. By the way I am from Kuantan. 🙏🙏🙏

    Anildev Singh Malhi: Well done, GS Kuantan. Better late than never. It would be useful to have a list of Gurdwaras that still practice gender discrimination so that we can motivate them to change their constitution.

    Kesh Singh: We had gender differences in Sikhism? This is failed Sikhism.

    Charanjit Gill: This is absolute rubbish. What the hell as the GSK committee doing all these years?

    Mohan Singh: Many gurdwaras are still not giving equal status to women

    Hardev Singh: Let’s list other Gurudawaras in Malaysia restrict membership to males only

    Manjit Singh: Nothing new. Most Gurdwaras are much advanced.

    Phavandeep Singh: Such a surprise, only now in 2018. These rights were granted since the Birth of Khalsa, over 400 years ago.

    Gagandeep Singh: At this age and time. Unbelievable!

    Singh Hardarshan: Why only now?

    Jagdev Kaur Jaspal: Congratutions! Good move.

    Sue Kaur: It’s a good move 👌

    Gurdeep Singh: Better late than never 🙏

    Malkeet Chingara Singh: Only now!

    Amar Singh Kang: Better late than never

    Davinder DS: 2020 ਸਾਂਥ ਦੇਵੋ ਸਿੰਘੋ

    Taran Jit: Omg im shocked!

    Sarandev Singh Bal: Gurdwara Sahib Muar had a lady president once

  2. Congratulations to GSK sanggat and its Mgt Committee for making this change on gender equality which is the right of Kaurs and not a favor granted by Singh and which right was confirmed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
    I was disappointed to note that there are some Gurdawaras which still do not recognize and implement the rights confirmed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Mal. Gurdwara Council should conduct a survey and publicise list of Gurdawaras which still do not recognize the reality of gender equality and give them until 2018 year end to rectify this inequality and biased views of GURD MGT CTEES.
    In case of lack of remedial action may be the KAURS should consider direct action. My best wishes.