Tun Dr Mahathir is back

Let's together give our hand to those whom we have given this mandate to rule this beautiful nation. DR BALWANT SINGH BAINS suggests five virtues that will help the process

Dr Mahathir swearing in by Malaysia’s constitutional monarch at the Istana Negara in May 2018 – Photo: Dr Mahathir Facebook page
By Dr Balwant Singh Bains | OPINION | MALAYSIA

He is back to break the Strong Castle he build years ago. He is back this time round to become the RIDER to demolish his Unshakable Walls that grew to segregate governance from public.

Hail this Hero who now made History to break his own Home of Power and return the original Malaysia to its colourful people with diverse ethnicity.

We can now breath a new air of Being Malaysians Again…
We can walk high again…
We can enjoy the glory of being proud Malaysians again….

Thanks to those who left their home’s comforts to roam the streets the last few days to fight the tyranny of “Cash is King” ….

…to save the country from being bought to dooms by outside forces…

…To save open corruption that was being instilled by brutal self centered leaders, into the blood of the public in large which was fast becoming an irreparable destruction of the coming generation of Malaysia…

Allas! We are saved! We are saved!

…from disparity, shame, dishonesty, destruction of dignity. We have saved our nation from the iron fist of the very few powerful beings who could live above law and do anything that could not be questioned ….

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Tun and the Great Team, has given us hope and reinstated the much needed  pride of our young vibrant generation. We can now breath Fresh Malaysia and henceforth be proud to be Truly Malaysians at Heart, Spirit and Body.

There is a dire need for us the citizens of Malaysia to change the way we had taken things in the past. We literally forgot who we were.

Let’s together give our hand to those whom we have given this mandate to Rule this Beautiful Nation by the following virtues:

1. Aptitude – Let’s re-learn the Culture of each and every ethnicities of our country.. Let’s Love each other. Remove hatred and respect each other’s need and practises. Let’s invite the BN supporters too, to joint hands to form exemplary living and improve each other. Let’s remove animosity, put aside bickering about one another. Practise neatness and cleanliness. Let us become knowledge based citizen of Malaysia who would command respect from the world.

2. Gratitude – Always Remain thankful. Respect the eldest. Greet with folded hands as our forefathers did. Bow at each other in humility. Be thankful to the customers, passengers, working and professional colleagues. Similarly the eldest also should always respect the youth. Let’s not get carried away with ornaments, titles and richness. Let’s all Just remain humble.

3. Passion – Take pride in what ever we do. There is no low class or upper class job. Be punctual, and let’s respect each other for our dedication in accomplishing the jobs or profession we are in. Let’s not be written off as Lazy Lot… Passion will drive and increace  efficiency and productivity of our nation. Let automation replace labour so that we don’t need to import manpower. Let’s be neat, tidy and discipline public.

4. Compassion – Let’s care for each other’s welfare. Take other’s pain with utmost importance. Be kind to the elderly. Care for their needs. While the Government look into their health, let’s look into their daily needs. Love the young and feed those on road. While the Government look into education of it’s nation, we as citizen augment and compliment them with duty bound activities.

5. Greet – Let’s re-learn how to greet each other with folded hands. This, in actual fact, is the Culture of this region. Look at Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Muammar and India. They still maintain their cultural richness.

All this in return, will emit great blessings and we will grow this great motherland, for, in return it will bless us with peace, prosperity and a soulful place to live in.

Hail Our Hon’ PM Tun Dr. Mahathir
Hail YB Wan Azizah,
Hail YB Lim Kit Siang,
Hail YB DS Anwar Ibrahim,
Hail  Late YB Karpal Singh
Hail YB Gobind Singh,
Hail Dato Ambiga.
Hail YB Lim Guan Eng
Hail YB DS Azmin Ali
Hail YB DS Muhyddin Yassin
Hail Late YB K. Patto
Hail YB Mat Sabu
Hail all those Personalities who stood behind them.

Dr Balwant Singh Bains runs Malaysia’s largest standalone physiotherapist centre and a physiotherapy college. He is a kirtan and Gurbani discourse enthusiast via Satsangi Malaysia. 

* This is the opinion of the writer, organisation or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Asia Samachar.


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  1. They were my patients. As a practitioner we see everyone and can get highlighted in media. At one time even Late Mr. Karpal Singh and the ones in the opposition were seen by me at my clinic. I support no political parties. I supported principles and to realize the objectives of my profession’s milestone or the welfare of the fellow Sikhs in achieving objectives that would benefit our existence. When required to augment these, it became necessary to approach them. I have never used them for personal of family favors.

  2. Dato Dr Bains, a man who supported BN and Dato Hishamuddin and Najib.Today he talks like Samy Vellu 😂