YSA day out with some wonderful souls

YSA volunteers with Sree Narayana Mission Home residents – Photo: YSA

In the hustle and bustle of running through our daily lives, it is easy to forgot the world around us.

Maybe with that in mind, the Young Sikh Association (YSA) Singapore had set aside their Saturday to mix and mingle with the residents from the Sree Narayana Mission Home. And what a day it turned out for them.

Together, they took a tour of the Indian Heritage Centre and visited the Central Sikh Gurdwara where they enjoyed Guru Ka Langgar.

“The day didn’t come without it’s fair share of challenges with the heavy mid-day downpour and the elevator at the Gurdwara being closed for servicing. Nevertheless, our volunteers and other congregation members present made the day a memorable one, as they helped ensure the residents got to visit the Gurdwara prayer hall and pay respects – an emotional experience for many of our senior guests from the Home,” according to an update at the YSA Facebook page.

Sree Narayana Mission, a charitable organisation, among others runs the nursing home established in 1979.

YSA president Malminderjit Singh captured the feelings of many of the participants in his Facebook entry which we share below:

“Today, through YSA, I got the chance to spend time with some wonderful souls from the Sree Narayana Mission Home. They not only reminded me of my own grandparents but also of many realities which we sometimes conveniently ignore.

One, that despite being in less than ideal circumstances they were all so cheerful, positive and loving – an approach to life we should all strive for. Here, I must show an appreciation for the fine work that Devendran Selvarajoo and his team at the Mission do to keep all their residents in great care and spirits. Well done guys!

Two, that there is so much work that each of us can do, in our own ways. No matter how much we already do it’s never enough and there are always people, even around you in Singapore, who need your support. While there’s lots of suffering and pain everywhere in the world, a little care close to home can make a difference. In that regard I am grateful to my buddy Logapreyan Renganathan for highlighting this opportunity to serve today and making it happen for YSA.

Third, many of the residents that we hosted at the Central Sikh Temple today were visiting a place of worship after some time. Never mind the fact that none of them were Sikhs, what moved all of us was how emotional they were when they got to pay respects at the Prayer Hall. One resident told us that she felt a soothing calmness and peace. In this there’s the lesson of universality of religion and God but equally important, is the reminder that we should not take our privileges, like mobility and worship, for granted because we don’t know when we will lose them.

I hope there will be many more such opportunities to serve and learn for all of us.”


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