Shabad Guru Explorer training at Subang gurdwara | 2 June 2018


When seated in the gurdwara, ever wondered how the people operate the Gurbani software?

In an instant they are able to able to search and splash on the screen the shabad being sung. Pretty daunting for those of us who don’t know how it works.

And what are the best mobile applications to look up for shabads using your handphones – whether Android or iOS?

If you are interested to acquire both of these skills, you are in luck.

Gurdwara Sahib Subang will be holding a two-hour Shabad Guru Explorer Training session on Saturday (2 June 2018; 2pm-4pm).

The session facilitated by Hargopal Singh will be held at the gurdwara.

For more information, call Jasbir Kaur (012-3162957).



  1. do you have a video or user manual of how to project the shabad on the screen i am trying to do this for my gurudwara in canada

    Is it possible to make a video of this training and put on Youtube so that much more sangat can benefit from this training.
    Sat Sri Akal

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