Gurdwara Cup soccer match turns ugly

Gurdwara Cup soccer match disrupted by unruly behaviour by players – Photo grab from a video that went viral

A Gurdwara Cup soccer match between Selangor and Negeri Sembilan turned ugly with a fracas in the field resulting in the referee pulling out a couple of red cards.

The incident immediately drew scorn from the wider Malaysian Sikh public for the annual games which have been known for unsportsmanlike actions.

“It was an unfortunate incident that we would like avoid,” Malaysian Singapore Sikh Sports Council (MSSSC) president Gurjeet Singh Rhande told Asia Samachar.

MSSSC is the chief organiser for the annual Sikh games now going on in Kedah.

”We are looking at measures to avoid such behaviour. We have done so for hockey. Soccer may be next,” he said.

Earlier this year, MSSSC had received the Malaysian Hockey Confederation sanction for its annual games.

“If a player is suspended by MSSSSC for a serious offence while playing in the Gurdwara Cup, he will also be suspended from other state games like Sukma or Razak Cup,” he said.

In the last, players have received suspensions, some running into a few years, for serious offences during the games.

The Gurdwara Cup which began in 1952 is the oldest Sikh sporting event in Malaysia and Singapore.

[CLARIFICATION: After the first Gurdwara Cup hockey tournament was organised in 1952, MSSSC had incorporated other competitions as of 1974 such as football, netball, badminton, golf and kabaddi at senior level. Athletics and tennis were also introduced in certain years by the host state. In 2008, MSSSC had also introduced the Hockey Junior and Soccer Junior competitions to enable youth participation. These individual games were introduced from time to time to further increase participation of Sikh sportsmen and sportswomen. With the introduction of these games, which are held in conjunction with the hockey tournament, the games were thereafter called “Gurdwara Cup & Sikh Festival of Sports” – Click here for more]



Gurdwara Cup soccer match turns ugly (Asia Samachar, 23 June 2018)

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  1. Having a sporting event is commendable. But please leave alcohol out from all official events. This would be the right thing to do given that intoxicants of any form are forbidden in Sikhi. We may not be able to control what individuals do in their personal time, but surely we can avoid serving alcohol at official events.

  2. It’s a disgrace to the Name

    Better to
    Change the Name to
    Hura Hara Cup

  3. May be consider STOP calling it GURDWARA cup as the action does not reflect
    Gur Fateh

  4. Did the players come to the game in drunk condition as Sikh functions are perceived to be incomplete without liquor?
    Malaysian swimmers were fined and banned for having beer in their own space. Just a thought.
    Gur Fateh

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