Talking menstrual at gurdwaras

"Today as we launched the #PeriodPolicy in the first #Gurdwara in the world to talk about periods," says an entry at Binti.Period Facebook page.

Binti team at Central Gurdwara Khalsa Jatha Khalsa Jatha in London – Photo: Binti.Period Facebook

An outfit out to ensure that women have menstrual dignity launched a campaign in a London gurdwara, badged as the first in the world for a Sikh place of worship.

“Today as we launched the #PeriodPolicy in the first #Gurdwara in the world to talk about periods,” says an entry at Binti.Period Facebook page yesterday (11 Feb 2019).

The group was present at Central Gurdwara Khalsa Jatha Khalsa Jatha in London, and has planned a talk at the Sheperds Bush Gurdwara the next day.

When promoting the event, the Khalsa Jatha gurdwara said it was launching a campaign to help women have access to menstrual products through its langar service.

Langgar, short for Guru Ka Langgar, usually refers to the free kitchen operated at most gurdwaras where vegetarian meals are cooked and served by volunteers. The ration is also usually sponsored by well wishers.

Binti says it intends to create affordable menstrual towels, awareness through education and the availability of sanitary protection for every woman.

Binti promo for event at London gurdwaras – Photo: Binti.Period Facebook


Menstruation: Ickkk? Not according to Guru Nanak Sahib (Asia Samachar, 16 May 2016)


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  1. I boycott this whole farce, and as a working independent woman find this whole idea utterly utterly deplorable and insulting . You do not bring about change by highlighting negativity, you do not empower people by calling them weak ….only opportunist do so… You are talking of discrimination and inequality in religion which pioneers equality- your research to prove so called hypothesis of shame i.e. taking feedback is the most skewed and unscientific research method and to label the enter community under ‘shame label ‘ is a poor marketing technique. I think the organisation and leaders who promote this concept not only have NO understanding of Sikh religion and philosophy but do not know the power of KAUR.

    On the day of so called launch of policy, which I would like to have a copy of, CEO was informed of mishap in ladies toilet, i.e. period mess … shoulders were shrugged and nothing was done… so much for promotion of raising awareness .

    This is a marketing gimmicky and I defy this policy not only for gurughar but any other organisation. The fact in marketing material, Gurdwara Sahib is referred to as a temple is insulting and shameful. As my friend suggested would you get away with calling a mosque temple!!! Sangat has repeatedly asked marketing material to be changed but we were ignored, this shows the level of respect Binti Organisation has for Gurughar. So was this a marketing stunt.. possibly

    No sure what pilgrimage is being referred to…. I have done my yatra to Henkund Sahib and done it quickly successfully with full support of sangat. Just because one doesn’t like to talk doesn’t mean it’s a shame.. it indicates that it’s not appropriate. I do not think men buy condoms and display them openly or keep them on breakfast table for others to view..

    Data used by organisation and all marketing promotional material is misleading… just like The Makers Of Oscar Winner ‘Period’ Violated Child Rights, Used Wrong Data- It is not uncommon in rural India, that young girls and women feel extremely shy to talk to strangers. In fact, if the same girls were asked to sing in front of strangers, their reaction would be just the same. Wouldn’t you react awkwardly if some stranger walked up to you, thrust a camera at your face and asked you to do something out of the ordinary? The film misinterprets rural Indian girls’ and women’s inherent shyness and calls it shame. Actually, they are the ones who created the shame. HUFFPOST

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