Malaysian court jails, fines RM300,000 ex-pilot for unlicensed moneylending


A former pilot was sentenced to two years’ jail and a RM300,000 fine by the Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur for offering an unlicensed loan eight years ago.

Judge Ahmad Kamal Arifin Ismail handed the sentence yesterday (27 June 2019) to the 61 year old Punjabi man after the defence failed to raise reasonable doubt at the end of its case, reports Bernama.

The court ordered the father of four to serve his jail term starting today, dismissing his counsel’s application for a stay of the ex-pilot’s sentence as it was without special grounds or circumstances. It will be extended by another 12 months should he fail to pay the fine.

The man was charged with lending RM600,000 to a 62-year old man in an unlicensed business transaction, between Oct 31, 2011 and April 24, 2012, at RHB Bank Berhad, Taman Tun Dr Ismail here.

The charge under Section 5 (2) of the Moneylenders Act 1951 carries a maximum fine of RM1 million or imprisonment of up to five years, or both, and in addition, caning, for subsequent offences.

Deputy public prosecutor Nurul Khairiyah Samsudin proposed the maximum punishment in the interest of the public, the report added.

“The penalty should be severe to serve as a lesson and a deterrent,” she said, noting that unlicensed moneylending activities were becoming rife.

In mitigation, the former pilot said he was his family’s sole breadwinner and did not have a fixed income as he had been unemployed for one and a half years. His wife and daughter were present in court, reports Bernama.



MPLMA tasked to formulate moneylenders’ code of practice for PDPA compliance (Asia Samachar, 15 Dec 2018)


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  1. I am all for the truth to be out there without covering up for anyone but sometimes we have to see if our actions would end up affecting others who are innocent.
    And the so called ‘victim’ in this case is no saint as he gets to keep the RM 600,000 which doesn’t belong to him.Wheres the justice in this?
    Any legal eagle here? Is it possible for the family to launch a civil case demanding the RM 600,000 from AP Peter Paul that Tamil Christian conman?
    The defendant has been sentenced and is currently repaying his debt to society in prison,who are we to further judge him and humiliate his family?This must be a very hard time for his family.Hopefully there are able to endure this without too much suffering.We should have the back of this family in this trying time for them.How can we call ourselves Sikhs when we start judging and mocking those that are going through the worst time of their lives.


    Mahinder Singh Gill: The same rules are more so needed to apply to the small and big Along-Along’s


    Karamjit Kaur: It’s actually not necessary to broadcast news that affects one of our Sikh members. I hope you take it in a positive manner. 🙏

    Preity Grewal: Karamjit Kaur nothing wrong in sharing. It’s educating others not to repeat mistake. It’s also helping SIkh members

    Gurcharan Singh: This hide skeletons in the cupboard favorite hobby of Sikhs….many such skeketons hidden…what a sad mentality !
    Only factual and honest and transpaent mentality, should prevail
    I also see the hide lobby is very racist, asking only punjabis should not b named….if so concerned ..then live up to standards of decency.

    Ja Gin Der: Gurcharan Singh how else to maintain the `Sikh never commits crimes` myth?

    Chris Tiberius: Karamjit Kaur must be transparent and clear. Why should we only celebrate when one of us achieve greatness and hide when one of us has fallen? People has the right to know the true color of a person.


    Nanban Anban: He’s know about the rules and procedures about money lending and how tough the law is but proceed with paying dearly for that mistake..

    Kuldeep Singh: Nanban Anban how the alongs get away. No body can touch them. How come