A tip to unite the youth

LISTEN UP: One hockey team gearing up for game at Holla Mahalla 2019, an annual Malaysian Sikh youth games organised by Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM) – Photo: Asia Samachar
By Jagdesh Singh | OPINION |

So many smiles even in defeat. So many hugs to console. Even many more hugs to congratulate. No matter boy or girl, these were seen unabashedly, mostly of our kin, of our friends. We’ve seen them grow up within the few days as they tasted teamwork, as they participated and as they competed.

These were witnessed scenes at the Miri Piri Games and the Hola Mahala Games that just concluded recently. Make no mistake, rivalries were also there borne by the competitive nature and never-give-up attitude that has been instilled in all of us since young. But it was certainly overshadowed by the camaraderie and friendships built.

No matter how cliched it sounds, these kids of ours are our next generation to carry on our dreams and beliefs. They will be the ones to bring continuity to the Sikh diaspora over here in Malaysia. They will be the ones that will help all humans around the world with compassion and love using Baba Nanak’s messages and teachings.

And they can only do so, if they are as united as they can potentially be. Our generation is still holding the candle with many tireless sewadars doing their best to shine as the Sikhs many aspire to be. But we aren’t getting stronger than before because the unity that we hold amongst ourselves is balancing on very thin threads of brotherhood. We’ve splintered due to so many differing beliefs and dreams. And our hopes are getting heavier on the shoulders of our young, our next generation of Sikhs.

The only way we can help these young ones to flourish and lessen their burden of carrying on Baba Nanak’s legacy is to give up them a platform for them to taste unity. For them to be brothers and sisters that can depend on each other. To be brothers and sisters, these kids must first build friendships as their building blocks to this platform.

MIRI PIRI GAMES 2019 (Shah Alam, Malaysia). See Facebook link here

This platform must break the boundaries of sex, race, spiritual beliefs and inherited quarrels of their parents. Sports and sportsmanship is ideal for this platform. We are already seeing prove of such caring and friendships built, even forged, from the so many pictures on social media. The smiles shone through the sweat of defeat or triumph, holding of hands, hands over shoulders with thumbs up. This is their taste of unity. Our job is to now nurture this and guide them to further grow their network of same spirits.

This is my attempt of rhetoric to further justifiably encourage organisers of such sporting events for more of the same. Don’t ever stop them. These sporting competitions are as important as any religious camp, if not more. Build the unity, grow the numbers and then you would have eager influencers to bring more into your fold. This is your Sanggat. That’s when you know you can then spread the teachings and messages of Baba Nanak to a thriving united youth.


Jagdesh Singh, a Kuala Lumpur-based executive with a US multinational company, is a father of three girls who are as opinionated as their mother

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