It all began with the #TurbanOfHappiness

My #ShiningTurban has brought me feelings of Happiness, Pride, Blessings, a sense of Duty and Responsibility, Respect, Humility, Service, Distinction and Honour. I am truly blessed to wear this crown of a dastar on my head everyday

Autar Singh and wife Rajinder Kaur during their daughter’s wedding in 2014

I was 6 years old when my father tied a turban on my head for Vaisakhi at the Gurdwara Sahib Changkat, Batu Gajah. This is the one I remember, although there may have been earlier turban moments. It gave me a grown up feeling, for all my respected elders had distinguished turbans on their heads. I felt like them. This was my #TurbanOfHappiness.

I started wearing turban daily when I was 12 years old in Bidor. From then on there was no looking back. I wore my turban with pride. This was my #TurbanOfPride.

While doing my Professional Accountancy studies in UK, I was blessed with Khande dhi Pahul at Leeds. My turban took on a new meaning, as it now became my #TurbanOfBlessings.

On my return I joined the Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia as an active member. My turban now became my #TurbanOfDuty. It continues as such as my involvement in various organisations, nationally and internationally, grew.

Then my father passed on. The family care and responsibility of my siblings, and my immediate family later, opened up another new role for my turban. It now became my #TurbanOfResponsibility.

As I grew in my role as an academician in UiTM, I used to be called Tuan Haji/Ustaz (probably due to my turban and flowing beard) by some of my Malay colleagues. My turban brought tremendous respect, not only in UiTM but everywhere. It now became my #TurbanOfRespect.

On being appointed to the 63 member worldwide Religious Advisory Committee of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib in 1995, I sat with the brains of the community. All my seniors. Being here taught me humility and my turban became my #TurbanOfHumility.

While pursuing a postgraduate course in the UK, I was first appointed to and after a year unanimously elected as the President of the World Sikh Council (WSC), European Zone made up of some illustrious Sikhs of Europe. In this capacity I spoke at the 1st AGM of the WSC at Anandpur Sahib in 1997 to an audience of dignitaries from all over the world. My turban now became my #TurbanOfService.

Over the years I have met and known many distinguished turban wearing gentlemen doing excellent work. One such is in the picture with me, Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid. Their company makes me feel distinguished, making my turban my #TurbanOfDistinction.
When the call came for me to be a part of the Panj Pyare to initiate Sikhs into the Khalsa Panth, my turban became my #TurbanOfHonour.

Thus my #ShiningTurban has brought me feelings of Happiness, Pride, Blessings, a sense of Duty and Responsibility, Respect, Humility, Service, Distinction and Honour. I am truly blessed to wear this crown of a dastar on my head everyday.


This year we are celebrating the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak ji. Guru ji gave us a spiritual treasure that liberates. It enlightens the mind and expels the darkness of ignorance. It sets the practitioner free. It gives spiritual and temporal sovereignty to those who live it.

With this freedom, one needs to break free from self, or society, imposed limitations and boundaries. Amongst these limitations is the choise of colours in our dressing.

My inspiration to break free from the imposition of turban colours is my son, Saheb Singh, and my wife, Rajinder Kaur. Both inspired and encouraged me to enjoy life and embrace all of creation in its multitude of colours. I now have no hesitation to wear my turban in any colour I want. I hope others will break free as well.

The turban is the crown of sovereignty that I am blessed with. Hence I wear it with dignity and honour, and I wear it in all colours…

Taken from the Facebook posting of Autar Singh, an active Sikh volunteer who is based in Kuala Lumpur. He was the former Jathedar of Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia and Secretary-General of Coalition of Malaysian Sikh Organisation (CMSO). He composes  the article at the request of Asia Samachar for the #ShiningTurban competition which ends on 30 Sept 2019. Join the challenge. 



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I’m a Princess, says #ShiningTurban ambassador (Asia Samachar, 27 Sept 2019)

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