How to energise your life at 50 and beyond?

Eating well is often a form a self-respect. In everything we do, there must be discipline, fun and laughter and community integration - Dr. Saran Kaur Gill from Ekta Malaysia

Ekta Malaysia’s ‘Energise your life @ 50+’ workshop at Subang gurdwara – Photo: Ekta Malaysia
By Asia Samachar Team | MALAYSIA |

How do you ensure an active and happy living with high energy levels no matter what your age? A grand turnout of 54 enthusiastic participants turned up recently for a workshop at the Subang gurdwara to find out just how they can make it happen in their lives.

The ‘Energise your life @ 50+’ workshop took off with a fun and quirky quiz to discover the physiological age of the participants. Many were amused to find themselves being a few years older than their biological age.

Dr. Saran Kaur Gill, a former deputy vice chancellor of local public university who led the workshop, emphasized the importance of physical health and mental stimulation, nutritional needs, meditation and the need for adequate sleep.

“Eating well is often a form a self-respect. In everything we do, there must be discipline, fun and laughter and community integration,” she told the participants.

The one-day workshop was organised by Ekta Club of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. Dr Saran heads the Ekta Youth Development and Life Long Learning (YDLL). She was assisted by her team comprising Kalwant, Indergeet, Pavittar, Harmeet, Sheena and Davinder.

Gurdwara Sahib Subang community development head Darshan Kaur said the growing number of aged members in the gurdwara warrants the setting up of a seniors’ club.

“Senior members must not be forgotten. Due attention must be given to help them cope and manage their physical, mental and social needs.

“The workshop empowered the members to suggest practical activities to help meet their growing needs.  The burst of ideas, positivity and enthusiasm of the participants will boost the setting up of a seniors’ club,” she said.

The participants were treated to muscle stretching and strengthening exercises demonstrated by physiotherapists Jin Wei and assisted by Vincent.

They then worked in teams and proposed innovative ideas to empower each other and ways to foster friendships, relationships and community integration.

These ideas included taking group walks and exercises, sharing hobbies, learning a new craft, being proficient in smart phones and computers, internet banking, cooking classes and partaking in charity work were some inspiring ideas.

54 enthusiastic participants at Ekta Malaysia’s ‘Energise your life @ 50+’ workshop – Photo: Ekta Malaysia

The responses from the participants were encouraging.

“We all know exercise is essential to keep us going but the biggest hitch is we are not disciplined. We keep on telling ourselves we will do it tomorrow which sometimes never comes. It has to be part of our everyday routine,” said Manjit Kaur.

Fellow participant Bhajan Kaur, a 56-year-old who runs a furniture store, said she leads a hectic life but is now looking forward to a Seniors Club which will provide her an avenue to improve her mental and physical well being.

Charanjit Kaur, a 52-year-old teacher, found the workshop to be motivating as she is about to retire and was alerted on the need to look after her health.

EKTA YDLL looks forward to working with media partner Asia Samachar to share their knowledge and experience with other Gurdwaras and NGOs in Malaysia. Contact persons: Saran (012-2360019), Kalwant (017-8883061) or Indergeet (017-2823496).



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