I feel sad and helpless for Sikhs still living in Afghanistan

Meeno Chawla, the first Afghan Sikh to be called to the Bar of England and Wales, tells Asia Samachar what runs through her mind as new breaks out of an attack on a Kabul gurdwara. It believed some two dozen Sikhs were killed

By Meeno Chawla | OPINION |

The incident is devastating and worrying for those Afghan Sikhs living in Afghanistan. This is a cowardly attack on the Gurdwara. It is hugely detrimental to those who lost their lives in this attack.

I was shocked and extremely angry that it has happened once again. I felt sad and helpless for those still living in Afghanistan. We left our homes for a better life and yet some are still there and suffering.

However, this is not the first time. This calls for state intervention, where religious minorities are under threat. They need greater protection and those who did this need to be prosecuted.

Afghan Sikhs have struggled to continue their day to day lives without being fearful or anxious. They have been pushed out their own country for years! They can’t live in peace without religious intolerance. Being a minority does not mean you don’t matter, the state need to protect their civil liberties.

The Gurdwara that was attacked was a place close to my parents. My mother used to go there as a child where her mum was a sevadaar. When they saw the news this morning, it was heartbreaking because their homeland was constantly being targeted. I am too. It’s really sad. How can they attack a place of worship.

My prayers are with those who lost their lives and their families to give them the strength to get through this difficult time.

Meeno Chawla was called to the Bar of England and Wales in In October 2019, making her the first Afghan Sikh to do so. The youngest of four children — all girls — her family migrated to England in 1995, six years after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and the start of the Afghan civil war in 1989



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  1. We have to recognise the basic problem and spell it out (for those in safe havens) if ever there is to be anything close to a solution. But no, we want to be politically correct (PC) and steadfastly stick to misinterpreted principles of “langar seva”

  2. Nations with Religious sovereignty should step up to protect the minority community which are born to the family of different religion. Somehow the undercurrent of such Government is to show their might and supremacy over smaller communities. This has become very apparent on this planet. Unfortunately these small communities don’t have enough voice for the world to hear. The world only hear to their helpless cry after a catastrophe like that in Afghanistan happens. It becomes too late.

    The Sikhs in Afghanistan has always come under threat since the fall of Punjab Kingdom under Maharaja Ranjit Singh that extended till Afghanistan. The British Raaj followed the fall of Punjab, but they too were expository as well and did not do much for the Sikh Community. In fact they too massacred the Sikhs. History has enough documents to proof. Globalization has not really taken off, instead the world saw more hatred and violence by free movement of terrorist mind.