First photoshoot

Kabir Chawla – Photo: Tiffany Morrison

By Tiffany Morrison | United States |

Did you know that Sikhs have been living in America for over 125 years, with over 500,000 Sikh Americans to date, yet they still have little to no media representation?

Kabir Chawla was recommended to me for his very first photoshoot experience. At a young age, he’s always been interested in fashion, specifically streetwear. When I asked what he’d like to focus on for the shoot, he told me about the lack of Sikh representation in media as a whole, but especially within the fashion industry, & it became very clear from the beginning that would be the focus. From then on, we spent days carefully selecting locations, outfits and the overall vibe of the shoot while staying true to his religion and beliefs.

His turban is not only his uniform and his way of showing his identity, but is also his crown that he wears with pride.

I am honored that I am able to be play a small part in the process of amplifying Sikh voices as it’s vital to shift the current narrative to create mainstream recognition that’s needed for the community.

As you can tell, he was a natural. There’s no way anyone would’ve known that was his first time modeling. This is just the start for him.

Tiffany Morrison is a Digital Content Creator. The text and photos were first published at her LinkedIn page


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