Two new books for your Sikhi essential reads


By Habhajan Singh | Book Launch |

Getting a firm grip on Sikhi concepts and understanding the true meaning of shabads popularly sung will certainly boost your take on the teachings of the Sikh Gurus. Help is on the way. Two newly released books on Sikhi aim to do exactly that.

Prolific speaker and author Karminder Singh Dhillon has just released ‘Selected Sikhi Concepts’ and ‘Selected Gurbani Shabds‘ that promises to assist readers to debunk prevailing misconceptions on Sikhi (also commonly called Sikhism).

The 315-page ‘Selected Sikhi Concepts’ book focuses on pre-existing concepts that have to do with notion of afterlife. It explains key concepts like death, after life, reincarnation, heaven and hell, salvation, end of life dreams and hukumnama.

“The basic argument of the book is that all the concepts that pre-existed the advent of Gurbani were redefined. In the words of the author, they were redefined to fit the Spiritual Canvas of Guru Nanak. They were given new meanings to breathe new life into the paradigms of the spirituality of Sikhi,” argues the foreword in the book.

The arguments presented are expected to challenge Sikhs in many of their prevailing ideas anchoring their understanding of Sikhi.

The two books were launched along with three others – Understanding Salok Bhagat Kabir Jio Kay (272 pages), Understanding Salok Sheikh Fareed Kay (164 pages) and Understanding Salok Mahala 9 (112 pages) – in Kuala Lumpur on Oct 30, 2022. The five books are sold as a set and not available individually.

This is the second set of five-books from the author. They are sold at RM100 in Malaysia. (See details below).

In late-2020, Karminder released The Hijacking of Sikhi along with four other books: Understanding Nitnem: Jup, Sodar, and Sohela (308 pages), Understanding Sidh Goshat (271 pages), Understanding Anand (162 pages) and Understanding Asa Di Vaar (289 pages).

(To purchase the books for delivery in Malaysia, drop a WhatsApp to Bhai Pritam Singh at +6016-216 2474. For dispatching to other countries, click here)


A must read book on Sikhi in this new age. Keyword: Hijacking (Asia Samachar, 10 May 2022)

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