Ajay Singh Banga’s Top 10 Rules


By Asia Samachar | Malaysia 

What is the thinking behind the US nominee for World Bank president Ajay Singh Banga?

The former CEO of MasterCard has given multiple interviews, available online. Blogger Evan Carmichael has put together what he thinks are the top 10 ‘rules’ shared by the man who may soon help the steer the international financial institution.

The son of an Indian army general has been a regular face at FinTech events and various leadership conferences.

Last month, U.S. President Joe Biden nominated the 63-year old India-born executive, now a US citizen, to the 77-year-old institution. US is the largest shareholder of World Bank.


  1. Take thoughtful risks
  2. Never take ‘NO’ for an answer
  3. Be urgent
  4. Find your purpose
  5. Try out new things
  6. Be competitively paranoid
  7. Simplify your thinking
  8. Have humility
  9. Be yourself
  10. Think global, act local


President Biden nominates Ajay Singh Banga to head World Bank (Asia Samachar, 24 Feb 2023)

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