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By EKTA YDLL | Malaysia |

The EKTA YDLL (Youth Development and Life Long Learning) team conducted another successful round of its signature Personal Branding workshop for 16 high school/college students on the 23rd April. The success was dependent on a number of factors – our dependable partner, our precious facilitators and our amazing participants.

Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya was an invaluable partner as both the President, Sardar Awtar Singh and Sardar Baldev Singh (committee member in charge of education) provided integral support to the workshop – setting up a comfortable venue and encouraging students. GSPJ must be commended for their efforts to provide Punjabi Sikh youth with innovative programs that help them maximise their potential.

EKTA YDLL’s 4 facilitators (Jeswant, Indergeet (Indra), Kuljinder & Ajinder) under the leadership of former UKM deputy vice-chancellor Dato’ Dr. Saran Kaur Gill, demonstrated great dedication and patience. They guided the participants, from a journey of discovering their personal strengths and values to crafting their winning personal brand profiles. 

The Punjabi Sikh youth at the workshop rocked their values and achievements by sharing amazing personal brand stories.

There was a personal story of a Punjabi Sikh youth educated in a Chinese medium school and how she overcame daily challenges through mindfulness, learning to breathe deeply and being in the present. Another was an international hockey player who reminded us that success is attained by working on the mantra of “Practice For Improvement” before it gets to perfection.

And a quiet personality who showed us all how valuable it is to be an introvert – one listens more, has time to think and articulates thoughts clearly. He made such a strong case for all introverts. All 16 of this wonderful group of youth, gives tremendous hope to the future of our community and nation.

Jasniel Singh Sharma, a participant, expresses his appreciation, “the workshop helped us discover ourselves – about the values that we own but might have overlooked. It was such an informative workshop especially for the youth as we were able to learn how to write impactfully with the help of professionals.  Looking forward to more events with EKTA YDLL in the future.” (Report from the organising team)


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