Minority Mindset: What every 20-something needs to hear about money


By The Minority Mindset | Investing |

What should young people know about money? Is it too early for those in the 20s to start investing?

Here are some thoughts shared by Jaspreet Singh, a personal finance YouTuber, entrepreneur and CEO of Minority Mindset. Click here to go to his YouTube page.

Some key points from the presentation:

  • Best thing to do in your 20s is to invest aggressively.
  • Warren Buffer became unbelievable rich after 50.
  • Investing isn’t something you just do once.
  • Best thing to do, create a financial plan for yourself.
  • Investing is the key to building wealth. He talks about investing in stocks for dividends. He also briefly touched on property.
  • He talks about how much to spend, how to save and how much to invest.


(Asia Samachar, 16 Dec 2022)

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