Gurmat camp for Sikh youth in Kashmir

Some 100 Sikhs took part in the Khalsa Nirupan Youth Gurmat Camp

The Khalsa Nirupan Youth Gurmat Camp 2023 in Baramulla, Kashmir

By Dr Jasbir Singh Sarna | Kashmir |

The Khalsa Nirupan Youth Gurmat Camp held at Gurudwara Thara Sahib Chhivene Pathishi, Kalampura Singhpora Kalan in Baramulla, Kashmir, marked a significant event in the propagation of Gurmat teachings.

Organised by the Sikh Missionary College Kashmir Zone, this camp was dedicated to the 150-year centenary of the Singh Sabha movement under the Project Child and Youth Welfare. The camp spanned three days, from August 18 to 20, 2023, and involved the participation of numerous campers, volunteers, and Sikh Missionary members from different circles of the Kashmir Valley.

Program Highlights

The camp commenced on Aug 18, a Friday, at 5.30pm, with all participants assembling at Gurudwara Sahib to pay their respects. An hour later, all campers and missionary members gathered in the park in front of Gurudwara Sahib to sing “Jagat Jyoti.” Notably, the singing of this spiritual hymn was led by a girl from Gurmat Vidyalaya, Circle Baramulla.

The campers were divided into four teams: Team Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, Team Akali Baba Phoola Singh, Team Jassa Singh Ramgarhia and Team Baba Baghel Singh. Each team consisted of about 25 young participants. Throughout the camp, these teams were actively engaged in various services, including preparing langar, serving langar, dish cleaning, Kara Prasad preparation and serving, and assisting with the Sukhasan service, Nitnem Path and Hukamnama Sahib.

The Khalsa Nirupan Youth Gurmat Camp 2023 in Baramulla, Kashmir

Prominent Personalities and Sessions

The camp featured the presence and guidance of respected Sikh preachers, including Giani Karanveer Singh Fatehgarh Sahib and Bhai Waryam Singh from the Dharma Prachar Committee, SGPC, Sri Amritsar Sahib.They conducted multiple sessions, addressing campers on different aspects of Gurmat teachings and ideas. These sessions aimed to impart spiritual knowledge, instill moral values, and deepen the understanding of Sikhism.

The Khalsa Nirupan Youth Gurmat Camp 2023 in Baramulla, Kashmir

Educational and Cultural Activities

The camp was not limited to spiritual services; it also offered a platform for intellectual and cultural growth. The participants engaged in group tasks, amrit vela (early morning prayers), and other activities designed to foster cognitive, social, and personal development. Additionally, a Shastra workshop and Gatka performances were organized by the Akali Kaur Singh Nihang Gatka Akhara, showcasing the martial art skills of Sikh youth from Srinagar.

Educational Initiatives

The camp facilitated an interactive environment for education. Presentations about Sikhism and its principles were delivered through a religious play, enlightening campers about the Sikh way of life. Furthermore, the children of Gurmat Vidyalayas, run by the Sikh Missionary College in Kashmir, and the preachers of the college themselves, presented various subjects to enhance the participants’ understanding of Sikh philosophy.


The Khalsa Nirupan Youth Gurmat Camp exemplified the dedication of Sikh Missionary College Kashmir Zone towards promoting Gurmat teachings among the youth.

The event successfully combined spiritual, educational, and cultural aspects, nurturing a holistic growth experience for the participants. By engaging in selfless service, intellectual exploration, and cultural expression, the camp contributed to the participants’ spiritual, cognitive, and personal development, echoing the values propagated by the Singh Sabha movement and the broader Sikh ethos.

Dr Jasbir Singh Sarna, a native Kashmiri, is a retired Indian agriculture officer. He has authored more than four dozen books, including Sikhs in Kashmir and The Sikh Shrines in Jammu and Kashmir. He can contacted at


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