Singapore celebrates 50 years – SG50

| Singapore | 9 Aug 2015 | Asia Samachar | Updated: 21:40 |
Another dinner to celebrate SG50. - PHOTO HARVINDER KAUR/FB
Another dinner to celebrate SG50. – PHOTO HARVINDER KAUR/FB

Singaporeans Sikhs joined the rest of the nation to celebrate the republic’s 50 years of independence, a major milestone for the island republic commonly referred to as the red dot for its small size.

The Central Sikh Gurdwara today held a ‘special ardas’ for Singapore’s golden jubilee at the end of a akhand path that ended today.

The gurdwara had also said an ardas for the academic excellence of the Singapore Sikh Education Foundation (SSEF) students for this year [corrected].

Singaporeans had been celebrating SG50, as the event has been badged, for some time now. For example, some had joined dinners, as can be seen from a photograph posted by Facebook user with the handle Harvinder Kaur.

You could Sikh male men join the photo donning turbans with the SG50 logo, as a mark of respect for the celebration.

What is SG50? Well, it represents the little red dot that we’ve come to know as home. The logo celebrates the Singaporean spirit – signifying that our dreams are not limited by the physical size of our island nation, according to an explanation at the Singapore50 website.

Singapore became independent when it was ejected from the Federation of Malaya amid social unrest.

In 50 years, the former British colony has transformed itself into one of the world’s wealthiest countries.

But its critics say the rapid development has been accompanied by a strict control on free speech and politics, says a news item at BBC.

Central Sikh Gurdwara's programme sheet which also lists the special ardaas for SG50 - CST FACEBOOK
Central Sikh Gurdwara’s programme sheet which also lists the special ardaas for SG50 – CST FACEBOOK


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