GerakSikh sends memo on Punjab ahead of the pack


| Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia| 20 Oct 2015 | Asia Samachar |

GerakSikh secretary general Amarjit Singh Gill handing the memorandum to Indian High Commission counsellor Rajiv Ahir in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia National Sikhs Movement (GerakSikh) today handed a memorandum to the Indian High Commission Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur to urge the Government of India and Punjab to take immediate steps to apprehend the culprit who had desecrate the Guru Granth Sahib.

The move comes ahead of the plan by a number of Sikh organisations to send a collective memorandum on the Punjab issue next week.

In a meeting of a number of Sikh organisations in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, there was an understanding that the various organisations should send a common memorandum, and not individually.

“Someone was tasked to talk to GerakSikh to join the rest,” one member present at the Kuala Lumpur meeting told Asia Samachar. “They were not present at that meeting”

In a statement, GerakSikh said its central committee decided on Saturday that it was time to make a stand and voice out the feelings of Sikhs on the happenings in Punjab.

GerakSikh secretary general Amarjit Singh Gill handed the document to high commission counsellor Rajiv Ahir.

The memorandum was addressed to the Prime Minister of India NarendraModi and Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal. It was sent through the Indian High Commissioner in Malaysia T.S. Tirumurti.



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