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Singaporean Rashvin Kaur graduates with law degree from Cambridge. What was it like? She shares her thoughts.

| Editor’s Pick | Singapore | 25 June 2016 | Asia Samachar |
Rashvin Kaur with her dad Inderjit Singh, former Singapore MP and entrepreneur - PHOTO / RASHVIN FACEBOOK
Rashvin Kaur with her dad Inderjit Singh, former Singapore MP and entrepreneur – PHOTO / RASHVIN FACEBOOK

I graduate from Cambridge today with a degree in Law. Today Britain decides to exit the EU. It is definitely a day of mixed feelings. This experience has taught me many things (precursor to long message, so if uninterested, move along ?)

I got First Class in my baby year in Cambridge! Me, a non-deanslister, not-so-good (but better now I think… out-going Newnham captain for a reason) hockey player from RI, getting First Class on nearly every paper in my first year. The rest of the years of Cambridge were spent trying to keep up with the first year’s achievement but God has other plans for me and I graduate with an Upper Second Class. Of course the disappointment of not having achieved a First Class is there and of course the should-haves, would-haves, could-haves are all there but the important message is this:

I did it and I did it ENTIRELY on my own, no super smart senior’s notes or advice, no detailed comments from supervisors, no model answers or guide books to study from. I wish there was a better sharing culture in Cambridge but that’s another story for another day. All my ideas, however crazy or farfetched, are my own and they are not necessarily the right or rational answers but some professors (Elliott, Forsyth, etc) gave me credit for it and seem to love my take on English Public Law.

I am by no means an expert in any area of law and I leave being inspired by great minds in Cambridge but my gift lies in conveying what these great minds have to say to the common person and I will continue to use this gift to the best of my ability. If ever anyone needs my help, just give me a shout-out and I will definitely help you, all you have to do is ask and you shall receive! You don’t need stellar notes or model answers, you just need yourself and an open mind. This is defo a more sustainable way of achieving success. Trust me, I leave with a 2.1 which is not a First but I leave a champion, learning to think for myself which the Tripos exams can never reflect.

To all those who cleared the Tripos, I congratulate you! You worked hard and deserved it, keep on using your ability (which has been ENDORSED but NOT DEFINED by the the Tripos) to help others. It is human nature to think that the world revolves around you but every now and then we must remember that they are others who exist in our self-created world and we need to ever so often think about them too.

Having said that, I appreciate my loving family more now than I ever did.

To my dad Inderjit Singh: you are and will continue to be by anchor, even though mummy might be my best friend you will always be my biggest fan and the person who I look up to and will tell my children to look up to. My dad is no first class deans lister but he has shown his capability by proving that you don’t need good grades in this lifetime to achieve success but the importance lies with being able to help others with whatever little you are provided with. He continues to provide me with a different perspective of the world and I am grateful to God for blessing me with a father like that(a humble man who has earned his keep).

To my mummy who is not on fb: thank you for being my best friend, my confidante throughout my journey wanting to find out if the dress fit, if my date went well, if I was doing okay at every step of the way and making her disapproval being known. To those who know me and think I am witty, I definitely get it from my mama.

To my siblings(major middle child syndrome may be displayed): thank you Trishpal Kaur Dhaliwal for taking the hard one of being the doctor so that I could be the lawyer. Gurshant Singh you have to be the accountant okay, we cannot let this stereotype die out! But seriously to my favourite little brother who keeps on amazing me with his feats and telling me whenever I’m stressed that this is so easy that he could do it, thank you for keeping my life interesting and reminding me that you are the smartest!! Shout out to VJC hockey, national champions: the stories of your matches and who needs a lift from my mum have kept me sane in my last few days in Cambridge. I am very proud of both my sister and my brother and I am sure they will be amazing in the future so watch this space!

To the rest of my really big family, I love you all! Every single one of you inspire me in so many different ways. My grandma who prays for me every morning, my uncles and aunties who consider me their child, my cousins who keep on expanding my horizons on life, my nieces and nephews who consider me to be a very strong person for being able to carry them(I guess this makes me a lightweight champion).

While Cambridge has given me a lot intangibly it has also taken away tangibly. The loss of my Newnham mummy, Dr Catherine Seville will forever be felt. She didn’t care about the grades, she cared about the person which made her ever so special. Catherine, as I embark on this new journey, I know you will forever be with telling me in your own special way that I am better than I believe myself to be (I still can’t tell the difference between pink and red though and I maintain the position that there is no bright line distinction, think about it: spectrum of colour, physics peeps help me out here)

To my sisterhood at Newnham, I love you all. Thank you for all your encouragement and love! I will definitely miss being in pyjamas all day in college though I must say that I have attended lectures in my PJs and the attentive ones, my REAL friends have called me out on it several times. Yes my college is across the road from the law faculty, yes I should make more of an effort as I have the liberty of time to do so but thank you for that constant reminder that it is a crime to be comfortable! Also to all those non-newnham people doing humanities who I have sheltered in my room, you are welcome ?

I come back to Singapore with loads of experiences which will make very interesting stories to sustain several dates so that it won’t be awkward or just general afternoon teas which is quintessentially British (Louise McCarthyand Anna Reynolds hope I am making you proud, also I’m not changing the way I pronounce words okay!).

But most importantly I come back to Singapore the place that has given me a lot. Time to give back now! ??



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