Discover of new Sikh manuscripts? Be suspicious, be very suspicious

| Overheard | 11 Jan 2017 Asia Samachar |

Given the looting of the Sikh References Library by the Indian government before it was razed in 1984, Sikhs must be wary of all “suddenly discovered” artifacts and manuscripts.

The Indian government has had 32 years to create, distort or modify stuff and then deposit it in museums and takhats under their control. The looting was done with an agenda.

If you notice, the loot is now mysteriously reappearing in the some takhats and is being opened up to “scholars” to make all sorts of videos to “prove” distorted stuff.

It appears that the looted stuff was not just sat on by the Indian government from 1984 till now. They were busy adding distortions, rebinding and creating fake stuff to pass off as real.

So, all of a sudden, we have Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) Puratan Birrs (old manuscripts), purportedly hand written by Baba Deep Singh Ji, complete with Ragmala. And with Mahala 10! And with “hand writing” of Guru Hargobind Ji as proof that he added tunes to the 22 Vaars.

And then some unknown person gets to see them all and video tape them to distribute. We can expect more such stuff.

The Sikh Panth will have to awaken into a completely enlightened state to be able to see through the utter darkness of the agendas behind such dubious “discoveries.”

Throughout my life span, no mandir has ever discovered even a single page of an old Simratee, let alone the Mahabharat or Ramayan. But, now, a 311 year old SGGS full copy is discovered in a mandir and it has MORE banee in it than our “current” version!

The “discovery” is bad enough. It will be what the dubious guardians of Sikh historical records would make out it though their declarations that they “finally have hard proof of the lies they have been telling all along” that will shock us.

Sometime ago, a good friend of mine narrated the Theory of the Creeper that is growing onto Sikhi, engulfing it, suffocating it, depriving us of our nutrients, and sucking out the Sikhi soul out of us. These sort of “discoveries” can be expected to be yet another powerful branch of this parasitic creeper.

Before someone asks me how can I say such without even having examined this new “discovery” let me say two things. One that only Sikhs with the right leanings such as the Patna clergy or academics with just the right slant from some Punjab university will be allowed to examine it. And two, I rather trust the SGGS that we Sikhs have examined since 1708 than to go looking at some granth found in a mandir.

  • The article was first shared in a Sikh discussion group. The author has given permission to Asia Samachar to share it with readers.


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  1. It is very serious warning to Sikhs.Sold out guru nindaks and traducer deviants have been working hand in hand wirh the Indian goverment and RSS since 1984.

    The sikh reference library wD destroyed but nit before the contents were removed under army protection.and remived to PANJABI UNIVERSITY WHERE PANTH DOKHIS GURU NINDAKS LIKE ANROGI SINH has been fiddling with.

    Lines are added hete and there and now suddenky they are finding *new* didcoveries….All by the fake phd self styled brahmin anurag the pandit .

    Sikhs wake up. Do nit accept these fakes o

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